Commercial and Business Constituency

Last Updated: 11 December 2018

The Business Constituency (BC) is the voice of commercial business Internet users within ICANN.

Business users rely on a stable and secure Internet and ecommerce experience, one that serves their users and customers on a global basis. Through business representatives participation in ICANN, and in the Business Constituency, we can make a difference on behalf of business.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is tasked with fulfilling the Constituency mission via administrative supervision and co-ordination.

Chair Claudia Selli
Vice Chair Policy Coordination Steve Del Bianco
Vice Chair Finance & Operations Jimson Olufuye
CSG Representative Barbara Wanner
GNSO Councilor Scott McCormick (NA 2018 - 2020)
GNSO Councilor Marie Pattullo (EU 2017 – 2019)


The BC Secretariat can be contacted by email:

BC Website

More information about the BC including how to join can be found at

Former Council Members