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Council Activities

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The Council Activities section includes information about documents and drafts under consideration by the GNSO Council as well as information on GNSO Council Operations and Resolutions.

  • Consensus Policies – is a consolidated listing of GNSO policies adopted through the Consensus Policy Process
  • Correspondence – is a sequential list of notices, announcements, and presentations for reference by the GNSO Council
  • Drafts – is a chronological listing of the latest work products produced within the GNSO and under consideration
  • Elections – is a chronological listing of the election activity sorted by procedures, candidate statements and results
  • Procedures – links to the most current and archive versions of GNSO Operating Procedures and other related documents
  • Projects List – is a compilation of all active and/or open projects within the GNSO. The list is comprised of Working Groups, Drafting Teams, Joint Working Groups with other SO/ACs, Other GNSO Activities, Implementation, and Outstanding GNSO Council Recommendations.
  • Resolutions – is a chronological listing of resolutions considered and approved before the GNSO Council.

In order to help manage its overall portfolio of work, the GNSO Council has developed a project tracking sheet, intended to take a holistic view of the projects within its purview. [PDF – updated 4 October 2018]