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Correspondence 2022

Last Updated:
21 January 2022

2022 | 2021 | 2020-2005

Correspondence Affiliation of Sender Document Date Issue Circulation Date
GNSO Council to Maarten Botterman, Chair, ICANN Board of Directors GNSO Council 21 January 2022 Request for Continued Deferral of IDN Implementation Guidelines v4.0 21 January 2022
Karen Lentz, ICANN Org, to Jeff Neuman, SubPro ODP Liaison ICANN Org 19 January 2022 SubPro ODP Blog Post and Resolution 20 January 2022
GNSO Chair to ICANN Board Chair and ICANN CEO GNSO Council Chair 18 January 2022 EPDP Next Steps 19 January 2022
Jeff Neuman, SubPro ODP Liaison to Philippe Fouquart, Chair, GNSO Council Council Liaison to the SubPro ODP 10 January 2022 SubPro ODP Liaison Status Update 10 January 2022