Active Projects

Last Updated: 13 February 2014

This ACTIVE GROUPS/ TEAMs portion of the GNSO web site is designed to offer users a chronological view of the documents associated with each of the current Working Group and Drafting Teams created by the GNSO Council. Once the Council formally adopts a Charter regarding a specific effort, a dedicated page appears in this section of the web site.

Within each group or team page, a summary of the team's purpose is provided along with a status indicator of the phase of the effort. Where appropriate, each group or team page also includes links to the following:

  • Web presence such as the WIKI and Email List
  • Responsible Staff Member
  • Board or GNSO Resolutions initiating the effort
  • Charters
  • Links to Working Group or Drafting Team work products
  • Links to the GNSO Council Resolutions to consider the recommendations
  • Links to the ICANN Board consideration of the recommendations
  • Implementation details

Upon implementation of the recommendations, the dedicated page will be migrated to the COMPLETED PROJECTS section of the web site.