PDP Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Policy Development Process

Last Updated: 05 February 2019

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As its meeting on 17 October 2012, the GNSO Council requested an Issue Report on the following issues:

  1. Whether it is desirable to translate contact information to a single common language or transliterate contact information to a single common script.
  2. Who should decide who would bear the burden translating contact information to a single common language or transliterating contact information to a single common script
  3. Whether to start a PDP on address these questions.

A final issue report was published on 21 March 2013, on 13 June 2013 the GNSO resolved to initiated a PDP and on 19 June a Call for Volunteers to form a Charter Drafting Team was issued.


Implementation Status

Web Presence:

Responsible Staff Members:

  • Julie Hedlund
  • Lars Hoffmann

Working Group Members & Leadership and GNSO Liaison

For the latest information and status on this project:

GNSO Council Request for Preliminary Issue Report:

Adopted on: 17 October 2012

Preliminary Issue Report:

Submitted on: 08 January 2013

Final Issue Report:

Submitted on: 21 March 2013

GNSO Resolution on the Initiation of the PDP:



The GNSO initiates a PDP on the issues defined in the Final Issue Report (see http://gnso.icann.org/en/issues/gtlds/transliteration-contact-final-21mar13-en.pdf) on the translation and transliteration of contact information;

A Working Group will be created for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the PDP.

The GNSO requests staff to commission a study on the commercial feasibility of translation or transliteration systems for internationalized contact data, which is expected to help inform the PDP Working Group in its deliberations.

Working Group Charter:

Submitted on: 6 November 2013

Input from Supporting Organizations/Advisory Committees and GNSO Stakeholder Groups/Constituencies:

Working Group Initial Report:

Submitted on: 15 December 2014

Working Group Proposed Final Report:

Submitted on:

  • Report:
  • Public Comment:

Working Group Final Report:

Submitted on: 12 June 2015

GNSO Adoption of the Final Report:

Adopted on: 24 June 2015

Summary: The GNSO Council recommends to the ICANN Board of Directors the adoption of the recommendations (#1 through #7) as detailed in the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Final Report.

GNSO Council Report to the ICANN Board:

Public Comment Prior to ICANN Board Consideration:

Submitted on: 29 June - 10 August 2015

Notification by the ICANN Board to the GAC to Request Input on Whether Policy Recommendations Raise Public Policy Issues:

Submitted on: 2 July 2015

Board Paper:

ICANN Board Resolution Text:

Adopted on:

Summary: Resolved (2015.09.28.02), the Board adopts the GNSO Council Policy Recommendations concerning the translation and transliteration of contact information as presented in the Final Report.

Notice of Policy Actions:

Adopted on: 28 September 2015

Implementation Details:

Additional Information: