PDP - Post Expiration Domain Name Recovery Policy Development Process

Last Updated: 19 July 2018

Please note that the documents linked below related to the PDP are provided for informational purposes. Some documents are produced by the GNSO and others are not.


This GNSO Policy Development Process Working Group addressed questions in relation to what extent should registrants be able to reclaim their domain names after they expire? At issue was whether the current policies of registrars on the renewal, transfer and deletion of expired domain names were adequate. After reviewing current registrar and ICANN practices regarding domain name expiration, renewal, and post-expiration recovery, the group made recommendations for new or changes to existing consensus policy and/or best practices that addressed questions such as: Are expiration-related provisions in registration agreements clear and conspicuous enough? Does adequate notice exist to alert registrants of upcoming expirations? Do registrants have adequate opportunity to redeem their expired domain names?


PEDNR Status

Web Presence:

Responsible Staff Member:

  • Marika Konings

Issue Report:

Submitted on: 5 December 2008

GNSO Resolution on the Initiation of the PDP:

Adopted on: 24 JUNE 2009


The GNSO council has decided to initiate a PDP on Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery (PEDNR); and

The GNSO council had decided against initiating a Task force as defined in the bylaw;


To form a Working Group composed of Constituency representatives as well as interested stakeholders in order to develop potential policy and/or best practices to address the issues covered, while seeking additional information as appropriate to inform the work. The WG will also be open to invited experts and to members or representatives of the ICANN Advisory Committees, whether acting in their own right or as representatives of their AC.


Working Group Charter:

Adopted on: 24 June 2009

Input from Supporting Organizations/Advisory Committees and GNSO Stakeholder Groups/Constituencies:

Working Group Initial Report:

Submitted on: 31 May 2010

Working Group Proposed Final Report:

Submitted on: 21 February 2011

Working Group Final Report:

Submitted on: 13 June 2011

GNSO Adoption of the Final Report:

Adopted on: 21 July 2011

  • Summary: On 21 July 2011 the GNSO Council unanimously adopted the recommendations of the PEDNR Final Report, which included amongst others….[see link for full details]
  • Resolution

GNSO Council Report to the ICANN Board:

Submitted on:

Public Comment Prior to ICANN Board Consideration:

Adopted on: 15 August 2011

Board Paper:

Submitted on: 28 October 2011

ICANN Board Resolution Text:

Adopted on: 28 October 2011

Notice of Policy Actions:

Adopted on: 28 October 2011

Implementation Details:

Additional Information: