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Non-PDP GNSO Internationalized Domain Names Working Group (IDN WG)

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The GNSO IDN Working Group (IDN-WG) was chartered by the GNSO Council to address policy issues that may arise from the impending introduction of Internationalized Domain Names at the top level (IDN TLDs). Specifically, the IDN-WG was chartered to provide a report to the ICANN GNSO Council with a view to assessing further steps to take, including the possible need for the creation of a Policy Development Process (PDP), on IDN issues for the top-level.

**Note: The status image below is for illustration purposes only. This particular effort likely did not follow the PDP process as currently outlined in the ICANN Bylaws


Implementation Status

Web Presence:

Responsible Staff Member:

  • Olof Nordling, Maria Farrell

GNSO Resolution on the Initiation of the WG:

Adopted on: 18 May 2006

Preliminary Issue Report:

Submitted on: 28 May 2006

Draft Issue Report:

Submitted on: 17 July 2006

Issue Report:

Submitted on: 02 August 2006

Draft ToR for GNSO IDN Policy Development Activities:

Submitted on: 12 October 2006

Working Group Charter:

Adopted on: 18 November 2006

Document Excerpts for IDN WG:

Submitted on: 20 November 2006

Draft IDN Issues List:

Submitted on: 22 December 2006

Working Group Final Report:

Submitted on: 22 March 2007

The report provides a written summary of areas of broad agreement, support and discussions of the GNSO IDN-WG on issues for consideration of the GNSO Council regarding further GNSO policy development activities on IDN issues for the generic top level domain (gTLD) space.

Implementation Details:

  • None

Additional Information: