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PDP - Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Development Process – Part A

Last Updated:

Archived Project 2009


The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) aims to provide a straight forward procedure for domain name holders to transfer their names from one ICANN accredited registrar to another should they wish to do so. The policy also provides standardized requirements for registrar handling of such transfer requests from domain name holders. The policy is an existing community consensus policy that was implemented in late 2004 and is now being reviewed by the GNSO.

The IRTP Part A Policy Development Process (PDP) was the first in a series of five PDPs that address areas for improvements in the existing transfer policy.

The IRTP Part A PDP concerns three "new"issues: (1) the potential exchange of registrant email information between registrars, (2) the potential for including new forms of electronic authentication to verify transfer requests and avoid "spoofing,"and (3) to consider whether the IRTP should include provisions for "partial bulk transfers"between registrars.


Implementation Status

Web Presence:

Responsible Staff Member:

  • Marika Konings, Rob Hoggarth

Policy Issues Arising from Transfer Review:

Submitted on: 23 August 2007

PDP Grouping Report:

Submitted on: 19 March 2008

Final Issue Report:

Submitted on: 23 May 2008

GNSO Resolution on the Initiation of the PDP:

Adopted on: 25 June 2008


Whereas:  The GNSO council has decided to initiate a PDP on Inter Registrar Transfer Policy Issues Report - Part A

The GNSO council had decided against initiating a Task force as defined in the bylaws,


To form a Working Group of interested stakeholders and Constituency representatives, to collaborate broadly with knowledgeable individuals and organizations, in order to develop potential policy options to address the three issues covered, while seeking additional information as appropriate to inform the work. [See link for full details]

Working Group Charter:

Adopted on: 25 June 2008

IRTP-A Public Comment:

Submitted on: 5 September 2008

Working Group Initial Report:

Submitted on: 9 January 2009

Working Group Final Report:

Submitted on: 19 March 2009

GNSO Adoption of the Final Report:

Adopted on: 16 April 2009

Implementation Details:

  • TBD

Additional Information:

  • None