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Completed Projects

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Welcome to the Projects, Groups, and Teams archive section of the GNSO site. This area will chronologically list all past efforts performed by the GNSO and GNSO Council segmented by year. If you feel a past effort does not appear in this section, please send a message to policy-staff [at]

20182015gTLD Registration Data Services (PDP Terminated)
20182011PDP Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy-C Working Group
20172014 Cross Community Working Group on the Use of Country and Territory Names as top-level domains
20162014 Non-PDP CWG Principles Cross Community Working Group
20162013PDP Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy-D Working Group
20162013PDP Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Working Group
20162013PDP Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Policy Development Process
20152014 Non-PDP Discussion Group - New gTLD Subsequent Procedures
20142012PDP Thick WHOIS
20142012 Non-PDP Joint DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working Group
20142010 Non-PDP Ad-Hoc ccNSO/GNSO Joint IDN Working Group
20132011 Non-PDP Fake Renewal Notices Drafting Team
20132011 Non-PDP Study Group on Use of Names for Countries and Territories
20132011 Non-PDP WHOIS Survey Requirements Working Group
20132008Post Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group
20122012 Uniformity of Contracts to Address Registration Abuse
20122011 Protection of Red Cross/IOC Names in New gTLDs
20122011 Consumer Trust Working Group
20122008 GNSO Improvements
20122009 SSAC GNSO IRD Working Group
20112010 Joint SO/AC on New gTLD Applicant Support Working Group
20112010 Recommendation 6 Working Group
20112009 Registration Abuse Policies Working Group
20112008Fast Flux Working Group
20102009 Affirmation of Commitments
20102009 Special Trademark Issues
20102009Vertical Integration
20092008Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Development Process – Part A
20092009 Trademark Protections – Implementation Recommendation Team
20082003Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Development Process
20082007Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Development Process – Transfer Denial Clarification
20082007AGP (Add Grace Period) Limits Policy
20072007IGO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure
20072007Protecting the Rights of Others Working Group
20072007Reserved Names in New Generic Top Level Domains
20072006 Non-PDP GNSO Internationalized Domain Names Working Group (IDN WG)
20072005PDP – Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains
20072005Policies for Contractual Conditions for Existing gTLDs
20052003Registry Services Evaluation Process
20032002Transfers Implementation Committee Report
20022002Transfers Task Force – Policies and Processes for Gaining and Losing Registrars