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Registries Stakeholder Group: 2020-2021

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The gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group (RySG) is a recognized entity within the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) formed according to Article X, Section 5 (September 2009) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Bylaws.

The primary role of the RySG is to represent the interests of gTLD registry operators (or sponsors in the case of sponsored gTLDs) ("Registries") (i) that are currently under contract with ICANN to provide gTLD registry services in support of one or more gTLDs; (ii) who agree to be bound by consensus policies in that contract; and (iii) who voluntarily choose to be members of the RySG. The RySG may include Interest Groups as defined by Article IV. The RySG represents the views of the RySG to the GNSO Council and the ICANN Board of Directors with particular emphasis on ICANN consensus policies that relate to interoperability, technical reliability and stable operation of the Internet or domain name system.

The guiding principles for the RySG, including its leaders and Interest Groups are fairness, openness, and transparency in all RySG policies, practices, and operations. The service standards for leadership positions include impartiality, accountability, and conflicts of interest declarations. The behavioral expectations of all RySG members, Interest Groups and participants include adhering to ICANN Bylaws and Policies; supporting the consensus model; treating others with dignity, respect, courtesy, and civility; listening attentively to understand others; acting with honesty, sincerity, and integrity; and maintaining community good standing.


GNSO Council Representatives

Kurt Pritz

GNSO Councilor – Kurt Pritz (SOI) – North America | 2020 - AGM 2022

Sebastien Ducos

Sebastien Ducos (SOI) – Australia | November 2019-AGM 2021

Maxim Alzoba

GNSO Representative Maxim Alzoba (SOI) – EU | 2020 - AGM 2022

Executive Committee

Samantha Demetriou

Chair – Samantha Demetriou – North America (SOI) | 2020 – AGM 2022

Beth Bacon

Vice Chair – Policy - Beth Bacon | 2020 - AGM 2022

Craig Schwartz

Vice Chair – Administration – Craig Schwartz | 2020 - AGM 2022


Jonathan Robinson

Treasurer - Jonathan Robinson | term ends AGM 2022

Donna Austin

Chair Emeritus – Donna Austin

RySG Representative to the Nominating Committee

Paul Diaz

Paul Diaz (SOI) | term ends AGM 2022



Sue Schuler

Sue Schuler



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Mailing List:

  • Not public, please contact RySG Secretariat for more information.