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Registrars Stakeholder Group - 2019

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Background & Mission Statement:

The Registrars Stakeholder Group is one of several Stakeholder Groups within the ICANN community and is the representative body of registrars. It is a diverse and active group that works to ensure the interests of registrars and their customers are effectively advanced. We invite you to learn more about accredited domain name registrars and the important roles they fill in the domain name system.


GNSO Council Representatives

Pam Little

Pam Little (SOI) Asia Pac/ November 2017 – AGM 2019

Darcy Southwell

GNSO Councillor – Darcy Southwell (SOI) – North America / October 2016 – AGM 2018

Michele Neylon

GNSO Councillor – Michele Neylon (SOI) – Europe / October 2016 – AGM 2018

Executive Committee

Graeme Bunton

Chair - Graeme Bunton (SOI)

Tobias Sattler

Vice Chair of Technical Operations - Tobias Sattler (SOI)

Owen Smigelski

Vice Chair of Policy - Owen Smigelski (SOI)

Kristian Ørmen

Secretary – Kristian Ørmen (SOI)

Benny Samuelsen

Treasurer – Benny Samuelsen (SOI)


Zoe Bonython

Zoe Bonython



Web Presence:

Mailing List: