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Non-Commercial Users - 2012

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Background & Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Non Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) is to represent, through its elected representatives and its interest groups, the interests and concerns of non-commercial registrants and non-commercial Internet users of generic Top-level Domains (gTLDs).

It provides a voice and representation in ICANN processes to: non-profit organizations that serve non-commercial interests; nonprofit services such as education, philanthropies, consumer protection, community organizing, promotion of the arts, public interest policy advocacy, children's welfare, religion, scientific research, and human rights; public interest software concerns; families or individuals who register domain names for noncommercial personal use; and Internet users who are primarily concerned with the noncommercial, public interest aspects of domain name policy.


Executive Committee

David Cake

NCUC Interim Chair & Executive Committee, Asia – David Cake (SOI)

Alex Gakuru

Executive Committee, Africa – Alex Gakuru (SOI)

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Executive Committee, Europe – Cedric Laurant (SOI)


Brenden Kuebis

Executive Committee, North America – Brenden Kuerbis (SOI)

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Executive Committee, South America – Carlos Affonso de Souza (SOI)

Maria Farrell

Nominating Committee Representative, Europe – Maria Farrell (SOI)


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