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Intellectual Property: 2022-2023

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Background & Mission Statement

The Intellectual Property Interests Constituency (hereinafter to be referred to as the IPC) is a part of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) according to Article 11 (5)  of the ICANN bylaws.

The purpose of the IPC is to:

Represent the views and interests of owners of intellectual property worldwide with particular emphasis on trademark, copyright, and related intellectual property rights and their effect and interaction with Domain Name Systems (DNS); and to ensure that these views, including minority views, are reflected in the recommendations made by the GNSO Council to the ICANN Board.

More particularly, to review and raise all intellectual property matters including any proposals, issues, policies, or otherwise, which may affect intellectual property, particularly as it interfaces with the DNS, and to provide to the GNSO and the ICANN Board timely and expert advice before it must make any decision or take any position thereon.


Photo of Lori Schulman

President – Lori Schulman (SOI)

Photo of Brian King

Vice President – Brian King (SOI)

Photo of Damon Ashcraft

Treasurer – Damon Ashcraft (SOI)

Photo of Jan Janssen

Secretary - Jan Janssen (SOI)

Photo of Susan Payne

GNSO Councilor: Susan Payne (SOI) – Europe / AGM 2022 – AGM 2024

Photo of John McElwaine

GNSO Councilor: John McElwaine (SOI) – North America / AGM 2021 – AGM 2023

Photo of Brian King

CSG Representative – Brian King (SOI)

Photo of Patrick Flaherty

Participation Coordinator – Patrick Flaherty (SOI)



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