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DNS Infrastructure Basics

Last Updated:
23 June 2021

This area of the site will be dedicated to introductory material related to the Domain Name System (DNS) technical aspects.

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Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)

Documents Date Format File Size (Duration)
What is a ccTLD? (Podcast) 1 Mar 2010 MP3 14 MB (11:42)
What is a ccTLD? (Podcast Transcript) 1 Mar 2010 PDF 33 KB


DNS-Computer Emergency Response Team

Documents Date Format File Size (Duration)
Global DNS-CERT Business Case:  Improving the Security, Stability, and Resiliency of the DNS 12 Feb 2010 PDF 600 KB
Consultation on Security Strategic Initiatives (Briefing) 24 Jun 2010 MP3 25 MB (60:00)
How Domain Name Servers Work: Introduction (Article) N/A Webpage


Internet Protocols (IPv4 and IPv6)

Documents Date Format File Size (Duration)
What Does IPv6 Mean? (Podcast) 29 Apr 2010 MP3 26 MB (26:42)
What Does IPv6 Mean? (Podcast Transcript) 29 Apr 2010 PDF 65 KB


Redirection and Wildcarding

Documents Date Format File Size (Duration)
Redirection and Wildcarding (Podcast) 25 Nov 2009 MP3 20 MB (14:26)
Redirection and Wildcarding (Podcast Transcript) 25 Nov 2009 PDF 32 KB