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Commercial Stakeholder Group: 2019 - 2020

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Mission & Principles

The mission of the Commercial Stakeholders Group, hereafter "the CSG" is to ensure that:

  • The CSG represents the views of commercial Internet users and relevant sectors of' the ICT industry, including, large and small business entities, business organizations, Internet connectivity providers, intellectual property owners and intellectual property organizations;
  • ICANN policy and ICANN contracts are consistent with the development of an Internet that is a safe place for business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions and communications and is based on high levels of business, user and consumer confidence, including policies that mitigate against undue threats and risks; protect intellectual property; support the stability and resiliency of the Internet, as affected by ICANN's actions in its coordination of the unique identifiers.

Membership to the CSG is coordinated through membership with one of its Constituencies. Please see the Constituency page for more details.


CSG Executive Committee

  • Barbara Wanner

    Barbara Wanner (SOI) / BC

  • Dean Marks

    Dean Marks (SOI) / IPC

  • Wolf-Ulrich Knoben

    Wolf-Ulrich Knoben (SOI) / ISPCP

  • Claudia Selli

    Claudia Selli (SOI) /
    BC - Alternate

  • Heather Forrest

    Heather Forrest (SOI) / IPC – Alternate

  • Jennifer Taylor-Hodges

    Jennifer Taylor-Hodges (SOI) / ISPCP – Alternate

GNSO Council Representatives

  • Scott McCormick

    Scott McCormick (SOI) – North America / October 2018 – AGM 2020

  • Marie Pattullo

    Marie Pattullo (SOI) – Europe / AGM 2019

  • John McElwaine

    John McElwaine (SOI) – North America / October 2019 – AGM 2021

  • Flip Petillion

    Flip Petillion (SOI) – Europe / October 2018 – AGM 2020

  • Philippe Fouquart

    Philippe Fouquart (SOI) – Europe / October 2018 – AGM 2020

  • Osvaldo Novoa

    Osvaldo Novoa (SOI) / ISPCP / Latin AC / October 2019 – AGM 2021



Web Presence:

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Mailing List (CSG Excomm only, not Councilors)