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Make a Public Comment

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The GNSO pursues policy decisions in a very open, transparent, and inclusive manner.  Every Policy Development Process offers, as a vital element, multiple opportunities for any interested person or entity to comment on the issues.

To add your voice to a policy issue, simply visit the Public Comment page. (If you ever forget where it is, look for the big button on the home page of

The Public Comments page lists every issue that is currently open for input from any Internet user around the world. You can also find a list of upcoming issues that will be available for comment in the near future, and a list of issues for which the Public Comment period has recently closed.

To Comment on an Issue

Most topics open for comments do not require you to have any special standing or to belong to an exclusive group. If you find an issue of interest, you can click on the related link to see a Public Comment page dedicated specifically to that issue. The page may contain further instructions on how to submit your comments.

What Happens Because of My Comment?

The Public Comment Forum is an arena where all viewpoints can contribute. There is no guarantee that your point of view will persuade others. However, you can rest assured that whatever group is tackling the issue you commented upon will read and seriously consider all public comments, including yours.

Countless times in ICANN’s history, policy recommendations have been modified in order to incorporate public comment. As a recent example, the Applicant Guidebook that explains how to apply for a new generic top-level domain was posted multiple times and drew more than 1,000 comments across six revisions, until the ICANN community reached consensus on it. So feel free to weigh in – your comment has the potential to alter the way the world handles generic domain names.