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Appointees to GNSO Council from ICANN Nominating Committee - 2014

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Three members serving on the GNSO Council are appointed by the ICANN Nominating Committee <> to serve on the GNSO Council.

The ICANN Bylaws describe how NCA's are assigned within the GNSO Council. According to Article X, Section 3(1((e) of the Bylaws,

"… one NCA shall be non-voting, but otherwise entitled to participate on equal footing with other members of the GNSO Council including, e.g. the making and seconding of motions and of serving as Chair if elected. One Nominating Committee Appointee voting representative shall be assigned to each House (as described in Section 3(8) of this Article <>) by the Nominating Committee."

Nominating Committee Appointees (NCAs)

Daniel Reed

Daniel Reed (SOI) – Voting – North Am.

Thomas Rickert

Thomas Rickert (SOI) – Voting – EU

Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe (SOI) – Non Voting – North America


Liaisons & Observers:

The GNSO Council maintains robust collaboration with partners of the community. As such, one liaison and one observer are seated at the GNSO Council:

Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg (SOI) – ALAC Liaison – NA

Patrick Myles

Patrick Myles – ccNSO Observer – AAPAC


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