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As part of ICANN’s open, accountable, and transparent work flow, we hold policy-forming discussions on the record. You can monitor the Working Group or Council discussion about any particular issue by reading or joining its related mailing list.

A GNSO web page shows all the Mailing Lists. Clicking on any one of them takes you to a chronological index showing all the emails previously written to and from people working on that topic.

Although all lists can be read by the public, some lists permit only Working Group members to actively contribute, so that their deliberations are not interrupted by comments that might be uninformed or off-topic.

You may also join the GNSO’s official Announcement list. Only the GNSO Secretariat can post to this list. To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the Announcement list, send an email to with the words subscribe announce (or unsubscribe announce) in the body of the message.