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Board Appointees - 2013

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In accordance with the ICANN bylaws, Article VI, Section 8, paragraph 1 (e)(f).

The GNSO shall make selections to fill Seats 13 and 14 on the ICANN Board by written ballot or by action at a meeting. Each of the two voting Houses of the GNSO, as described in Section 3(8) of this Article, shall make a selection to fill one of two ICANN Board seats, as outlined below; any such selection must have affirmative votes compromising sixty percent (60%) of all the respective voting House members:

a. the Contracted Party House shall select a representative to fill Seat 13; and

b. the Non-Contracted Party House shall select a representative to fill Seat 14

Election procedures are defined in the GNSO Operating Procedures.

Notification of the Board seat selections shall be given by the GNSO Chair in writing to the ICANN Secretary, consistent with Article VI, Sections 8(4) and 12(1).

Former ICANN Board Directors filling seats 13 and 14


Rita Rodin (June 2006 – June 2011)


Alejandro Pisanty (1999 – until June 2007)


Michael D. Palage (April 2003 – April 2006)


Amadeu Abril i Abril (November 1999 – 26 June 2003)