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Stephane van Gelder Statement of Interest

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Statement of Interest

Stéphane van Gelder - Registrar Stakeholder Group

Updated 15 December 2010

I am the General Manager of INDOM, an ICANN-accredited registrar. INDOM is a member of the Registrar Stakeholder Group. INDOM is part of GroupNBT, Europe's leading specialist domain name management company and one of the UK's largest providers of website hosting services. I also serve as the Group's Head of Registry Liaison.

I do not own GroupNBT shares. I am not an employee or shareholder of any other member of the Registrar Stakeholder Group or of any other of ICANN's Stakeholder Groups or Constituencies. I am not an employee or shareholder of any gTLD or ccTLD registries.

I was born in, and live, in the European region as defined by ICANN.

I am not, nor have ever been, in possession of any gTLD Registry sensitive information.

4 October 2010
Declaration of Interest from Stéphane van Gelder with regard to GNSO Council Agenda - 7 October 2010

As previously stated, INDOM has an interest in new gTLDs as a provider of consultancy, technical and administrative services to potential applicants.


Archived SOI (18 November 2008)