Tim Ruiz Statement of Interest

Last Updated: 28 August 2009
20 November 2007

Statement of Interest

Tim Ruiz - Registrar Constituency

I am Vice President of Corporate Development and Policy for The Go Daddy Group, Inc. The Go Daddy Group companies include eight ICANN accredited registrars including GoDaddy.com, Inc. GoDaddy.com is a member of the Registrars Constituency of the GNSO and I am its Registered Representative.

GoDaddy.com is a member of the dotMOBI Advisory Group (MAG). I represent GoDaddy.com on the MAG. I am on the MAG Steering Committee and have been appointed by the Steering Committee to represent the MAG on the dotMOBI Policy Advisory Board (PAB). The MAG and PAB, among other activities, are involved in recommending policy to mTLD, the dotMOBI Registry Operator.

GoDaddy.com recently acquired a small interest in Afilias Limited for investment purposes. GoDaddy.com and Afilias USA recently formed a joint venture dba Alliance Registry, in which Afilias USA is the managing member and assumes authority and responsibility for all day-to-day registry operations.

GoDaddy.com is also a member of the United States Council for International Business (USCIB). The USCIB is a member of the Business Constituency of the GNSO. Our primary interest in the USCIB is the DNS and Internet Identifiers Working Group.

GoDaddy.com was a founding Member of the Country Code 1 ENUM LLC. I represented GoDaddy.com on the Board of the LLC from Aug 2004 through Dec 2006, at which time GoDaddy.com withdrew from the LLC.

In all my positions with the Go Daddy Group, or in the appointments noted above, my focus has been the development and promotion of registrar related business, products, and services.