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Greg Ruth Statement of Interest 2007

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Statement of Interest

Greg Ruth - ISPCP Constituency

I am a Senior Consultant for Verizon Business, a global communications, security and technology provider. My duties consist primarily of providing consulting services. As a multi-national organization, Verizon Business has many customer and vendor relationships, and some of those relationships may include ICANN accredited registrars, registries as well as members of other GNSO constituencies. In the normal course of my duties, I have no knowledge of which ICANN related organizations my company is contractually involved with. My position and responsibilities in Verizon Business do not allow me any decision making power, personal involvement, responsibility or other interest in determining or carrying out the contractual relationships in which my company enters. As a global network provider, my company's interest in ICANN is for the security and stability of the Internet. I do not have any relationships or duties outside my company that would involve any issues of interest to or conflict with ICANN, and my duties in the GNSO.

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