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Edmon Chung Statement of Interest 2007

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Statement of Interest

Edmon Chung - gTLD Registries Constituency

I am currently serving as the CEO for DotAsia Organisation Ltd. DotAsia is the registry operator and sponsor for the ICANN Sponsored gTLD ".ASIA". DotAsia is a not-for-profit membership based organization incorporated in Hong Kong. The current members of DotAsia includes 20 ccTLDs (".AF", ".BT", ".CN", ".ID", ".IN", ".IR", ".JP", ".KH", ".KR", ".KZ", ".MN", ".MO", ".NU", ".NZ", ".PH", ".SG", ".TJ", ".TW", ".UZ" and ".VN") in the Asia community and 3 regional organisations: APNIC, APNG and PAN. APNIC is an RIR in the ICANN ASO.

Prior to joining DotAsia, I was the Creative Director of Afilias Ltd. Afilias is the registry operator for the ICANN gTLD ".INFO". Afilias also provides registry services to other ICANN gTLDs, including ".ORG", ".AERO" and ".MOBI", as well as other ccTLDs including ".IN", ".AG", ".GI", ".SC", ".HN", ".BZ", ".VC", ".MN", ".LA", and ".SG".