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GNSO Council Election for ICANN Board seat 14

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GNSO Council Election for ICANN Board seat 14

March - April 2005


Election procedure to elect ICANN Board member seat 14 Call for nominations

Procedure for seconding nominations

1 Candidate was nominated and seconded:

7/03/2005 Michael Palage nominated by Tom Keller

7/03/2005 Michael Palage seconded by Cary Karp

8/03/2005 Michael Palage seconded by Robin Gross

GNSO Council members eligible to nominate and vote for a candidate to fill seat 14 on the ICANN Board There are 3 members per GNSO Constituency for 6 Constituencies and 3 members of the Council appointed by the Nominating Committee. The members of gTLD Registries and Registrars cast two votes each, the members of the Commercial and Business Users constituency, Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers constituency, Intellectual Property Interests constituency, the Non Commercial Users constituency and the Nominating Committee appointees cast one vote each.

There is currently one vacancy on Council to be filled by the Nominating Committee.

Thus currently there is a total of 26 votes that can be cast.

Candidates Statement

All email ballots were received by the close of voting on Thursday, 31 March, 2005 at 23:59.

Results: Michael Palage was elected with 26 votes.

The email vote was ratified at the GNSO Council meeting in Mar del Plata on April 6, 2005.