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Independent GNSO Council Review

Last Updated:
31 August 2009

Independent GNSO Council Review

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( Please submit comments by no later than 24 January 2005 )

Article IV, Section 4 of the ICANN bylaws requires the ICANN Board to organise regular reviews of each Supporting Organisation, Council, and Advisory Committee. The review must be undertaken by an independent entity. In September 2004, the GNSO Council authorised Terms of Reference for an independent review of the GNSO Council in compliance with the bylaws requirement. In October 2004, the ICANN Board adopted the TOR and authorised the contracting of the independent reviewer. In accord with the TOR, this review is now submitted for public comment. The public comment forum will be open from 23 December to 24 January.

This review has been divided into four sections for ease of reading:

The GNSO Council encourages full public participation in evaluating this review.