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ICANN Opens Public Comment Period on Policy Development Process on Policies for Contractual Conditions: Existing Registries

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Public comment period is open from 8 March to 28 March 2007.

Please submit public comments to

Public comments will be archived at

The GNSO Council's Task Force on Policies for Contractual Conditions:

Existing Registries (PDP Feb 06) has completed its draft Final Report and seeks public comments on the draft recommendations.

The draft recommendations are found in the Recommendation Summary of the draft Report which is posted at In addition, a comparison chart of all of ICANN's registry contracts can be found at The two documents should be read together for comprehensive information about the policy development process.

The original Task Force Terms of Reference can be found at

The full record of the Task Force's work can be found at

Public comments on the proposed recommendations will be used to further inform the Task Force before it sends its final Report to the GNSO Council for consideration.

Further information on any aspect of the PDP can be obtained from Dr Liz Williams, ICANN's Senior Policy Counselor at