GNSO Policy Updates

Each monthly issue of Policy Update provides the latest status of issues working their way through the bottom-up, consensus-based policy development process within ICANN. This newsletter accommodates ICANN newcomers and veterans by providing high-level explanations of a broad range of ICANN policy development activities, detailed updates on specific issues, and links to more information.
Complex policy matters require much study; and controversial issues stimulate much discussion within ICANN's multi-stakeholder community. The result: not every policy topic passes a significant milestone every month. Where there are new developments to report, Policy Update runs an article. If a matter is still progressing, but has not hit a newsworthy milestone since last month's issue of Policy Update, we provide a link to the most recent past article. This approach makes it easy for you to scan new developments, while still providing background information with one-click convenience.
Policy Update increases your access to ICANN policy information, and you can get it delivered through a free online subscription. To receive Policy Update via e-mail every month, simply visit the ICANN Subscription page, enter your e-mail address, and then select ICANN Policy Update to subscribe.
Please visit the Policy area for more information about ICANN policy development and key policy activities. We welcome questions or comments regarding ICANN Policy Update at policy-staff [at]
Thank you for your interest and participation in ICANN policy development.