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Module 1 – Role of a GNSO Council Member

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Executive Summary

Responsibilities of the GNSO and GNSO Council

  • The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) develops and recommends to the ICANN Board substantive policies related to generic top-level domains (gTLDs).
  • The GNSO includes all Board-recognized Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies, as well as the GNSO Council.
  • The GNSO Council manages the GNSO's policy development process (PDP) as outlined in Annex A of the ICANN Bylaws and the GNSO Operating Procedures, including the PDP Manual.

Responsibilities of individual GNSO Council members

  • Council members are expected to balance the interests of their Stakeholder Group or Constituency, the GNSO, the ICANN community and the worldwide Internet community, as well as their own interests. To this end, they are expected to consult extensively with their Stakeholder Group or Constituency. In addition, Stakeholder Groups or Constituencies may have specific requirements in place that their respective Council members need to fulfill.
  • Members elected to the Council by their Stakeholder Group or Constituency act as liaisons to that Stakeholder Group or Constituency regarding Council work.
  • In addition to Council members elected by Stakeholder Groups or Constituencies, there are also three Council members appointed by the ICANN Nominating Committee.

Participating in GNSO Council meetings

  • Most Council meetings are held via teleconference. Others (e.g., during ICANN Public Meetings) are held in person.
  • Council meetings are usually held once per month and last at least two hours each.
  • Council members are expected to attend every Council meeting.
  • If a Council member cannot attend a meeting, he/she must inform the GNSO Secretariat before the meeting and arrange for any meeting responsibilities that he/she has to be handled by an officer of his/her Stakeholder Group or Constituency (who can attend in the member's place) or by another Council member.

Participating in GNSO Working Groups

  • Council members may join GNSO Working Groups, as well as chair them.

Participating in ICANN's Public Meetings

  • Council members are expected to attend each of ICANN's Public Meetings, currently held three times a year in different locations worldwide.
  • During these public meetings, the GNSO Council holds several in-person meetings that Council members are expected to attend. Several GNSO Working Groups also meet during these Public Meetings.
  • For these meetings, ICANN provides support for Council members' transportation and hotel costs.

Time commitment

  • Council members spend, on average, 2–10 hours per week on Council work. This increases as each of ICANN's three annual public meetings approaches.
  • Council members are expected to prepare in advance for any motions to be considered at a Council meeting by reading the reports submitted by Working Groups, as appropriate, and consulting with his/her Stakeholder Group or Constituency, as appropriate.
  • Members work, on average, an additional 2–4 hours per week for each GNSO Working Group they choose to join.