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Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC)

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Section 1: Resources and Links

Section 2: Charter of the GNSO PPSC

(Approved by the GNSO Council, 29 January 2009)

The PPSC is responsible for reviewing and recommending processes used within the GNSO for developing policy and recommending any changes. The immediate goal of the PPSC is to develop recommendations for all process changes needed to meet the requirements of the GNSO Improvements Report as approved by the Board. Once the first set of changes has been implemented, the charter may be expanded to include the responsibility for reviewing the functioning of the new processes and for recommending any further changes, should they be required.

The PPSC also will have other duties as assigned by the GNSO Council. Future work might include establishing guidelines for the practice of drafting teams as used in the GNSO Council and other ad-hoc mechanisms that might be used by the Council, as well as establishing guidelines for the interactions between the volunteers of the GNSO and its Council and the ICANN policy staff.

Working method for the PPSC

The PPSC will establish a minimum of two separate teams, one tasked with developing a proposal for a new WG model (WG Team) and the other a new policy development process (PDP Team). The PPSC will serve as the coordinating body for these separate teams.

The PPSC will be responsible for combining the results into a proposal to the Council that includes the guidelines for the working groups and the suggested bylaws changes for the PDP process.

The PPSC also may consider whether any of the activities called for in the recommendations lend themselves to being addressed through the establishment of a special team.

Membership in the PPSC

Initially, the PPSC will be comprised of the following members:

  • GNSO council chair or vice chair
  • 1 representative from each constituency (need not be a Council member)
  • 1 Nominating Committee appointee to the GNSO

Current Members:

  • BC: Mike Rodenbaugh, Zahid Jamil (alternate)
  • IPC: J. Scott Evans (alternate Chair), Ute Decker (alternate)
  • ISPC: Greg Ruth, Tony Harris (alternate)
  • NCUC: Konstantinos Komaitis, Gabriel Piniero (alternate)
  • RyC: Jeff Neuman (Chair), Catherine Sigmar (alternate)
  • RC: Tim Ruiz, Tom Keller (alternate)
  • NCA: Avri Doria, Olga Cavalli (alternate)
  • GNSO Council (v-)chair: Avri Doria, Chuck Gomes (alternate)

Other Participants in the PPSC:

  • Liaison or an appointed representative/observer from ALAC: Alan Greenberg, Cheryl Langdon-Orr (alternate)
  • Liaison or an appointed representative/observer from the GAC: Bertrand de la Chappelle

ICANN Staff:

  • GNSO Secretariat
  • 1 ICANN policy staff representative: Liz Gasster

Goals and Milestones for the PPSC

  • To be determined by the PPSC, in cooperation with its work teams, and approved by the Council

Decision making for the PPSC

  • Unless otherwise determined by the PPSC members, committee decisions will be made using a “full consensus of the members” process.
  • Work Team rules are published separately (see Section 1 above).