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GNSO Implementation Plan

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The GNSO Council formed an Improvement Planning Team (IPT) comprised of GNSO leadership, constituency representatives, ICANN Staff and a Board liaison participant, in order to develop a top-level implementation plan to organize and manage the implementation effort. On 19 May 2008, the Planning Team produced a draft version of the GNSO Improvements Top Level Plan. The plan focused on the creation of two steering (formerly "standing") committees, GNSO Policy Process and GNSO Operations, which would be responsible for ensuring that the work of implementing BGC WG recommendations is carried out.

In view of the Board's efforts to complete its review and approval of the various improvements recommendations, the GNSO Council's IPT reconvened in September 2008 to review its proposed top-level implementation plan. The Planning Team made a number of modifications to the original draft and submitted a new version to the GNSO Council on 25 September 2008.

The GNSO Council reviewed and accepted the new GNSO Improvements Implementation Plan [PDF, 96 KB] developed by the Planning Team at its 16 October meeting. Efforts will begin immediately to form the appropriate committees and work teams necessary to begin the implementation efforts directed by the Board. The first steering group committees are expected to meet at the ICANN Cairo meeting in early November 2008.

Announcement, 9 January 2009:

Volunteers are now being accepted to joint Work Teams that will develop GNSO Improvement Implementation plans. To see the actual announcement, please click here.

Draft Council Restructuring Implementation Plan, 5 December 2008