Revise the Policy Development Process

Last Updated: 17 August 2012

Download "Revise the Policy Development Process" [PDF, 118 KB]

  • Board adopted revised Annex A and the new GNSO Policy Development Process (8 Dec 2011) containing 48 recommendations crafted over two years by the PDP-WT. A Policy Development Process Model documents the following major improvements:

    • Standardized Request for an Issue Report Template;

    • Introduction of a Preliminary Issues Report which shall be published for public comment prior to the creation of a Final Issues Report to be acted upon by the GNSO Council;

    • Requirement that each PDP Working Group operate under a Charter;

    • Bylaws amended such that upon initiation of a PDP, public comment periods are optional rather than mandatory, at the discretion of the PDP Working Group;

    • Public Comment timeframes include: (i) a required open period of no less than 30 days on a PDP Working Group's Initial Report; and (ii) a minimum of 21 days for any non-required Public Comment periods the PDP WG might choose to initiate at its discretion;

    • Requirement of PDP WG to produce both an Initial Report and Final Report, but giving the WG discretion to produce additional outputs;

    • Provision to allow the termination of a PDP prior to delivery of the Final Report;

    • New procedures on the delivery of recommendations to the Board including a requirement that all are reviewed by either the PDP Working Group or the GNSO Council and made publicly available; and

    • Use of Implementation Review Teams.

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