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Improve Communications & Coordination

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Download "Improve Communications & Coordination" [PDF, 116 KB]

  • The CCT submitted its Final Consolidated Report to the OSC and was approved by the GNSO Council (23 Jun 2010). The Council directed Staff to begin implementation of CCT’s three major recommendations:

    • Developing new GNSO website requirements including document management and collaboration tools;

    • Improving the GNSO's ability to solicit meaningful feedback; and

    • Improving the GNSO's coordination with other ICANN structures.

  • Website Design and Development:

    • During Sep-Oct 2009, members of the ICANN Policy Staff and the CCT sub-team developed a framework/layout for a new GNSO website.

    • Two Requests for Proposals were published (Feb, Apr 2010) culminating in a contract award and delivery of a re-themed site in Sep 2010.

    • Extensive content development ensued in the intervening period and the new GNSO site became operational effective 24 May 2012:

      • Major improvements include: complete site reorganization; taxonomy and extensive document tagging; conversion to database; new browse (library) and search capability; modern theming/navigation; and a focus on new user education (podcasts, webinars).

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