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Enhance & Support SGs/Constituencies

Last Updated:

Download "Enhance & Support SGs/Constituencies" [PDF, 118 KB]

  • CSG-WT developed "Stakeholder Group/Constituency Operating Principles and Participation Guidelines." GNSO Council approved on 5 Aug 2010.

  • Global Outreach:

    • The CSG-WT developed a set of Recommendations to Develop a Global Outreach Program to Broaden Participation in the GNSO (Jan 2011) including an Outreach Task Force.

    • The OTF-DT was formed and it provided to the GNSO Council a Draft Charter on 18 Oct 2011.

  • "Toolkit" of GNSO Services:

    • Utilizing the results of a GNSO Constituency Survey conducted by Staff (Oct 2008), the CSG-WT recommended a prioritized list of eleven (11) services in its Final Report (25 Oct 2009).

    • GNSO Council approved "Toolkit" by Resolution on 17 Dec 2009:

      • Seven (7) of the eleven (11) services are currently being provided to the GNSO community.

      • One service, #7-Provide Grants/Funding Directly to Constituencies, has been deferred.

      • Three (3) services are in varying states of analysis, development, and implementation.

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