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GNSO/Council Restructure

Last Updated:

Download "GNSO/Council Restructure" [PDF, 110 KB]

  • Board approved revised Article X Bylaws (Sep 2009)

  • Stakeholder Groups/Constituencies (SG/C):

    • Board approved 4 new Stakeholder Groups (Aug 2009)

    • Board approved Charters for Registries & Registrars SGs (Jul 2009)

    • Board approved Charters for Commercial & Non-Commercial SGs (Jun 2011)

    • Board recognized Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns (NPOC) Constituency (Jun 2011)

    • Board approved Process for Recognition of New GNSO Constituencies (Jun 2011)

  • GNSO Council:

    • New GNSO Council & Bicameral House seated (Oct 2009)

    • Substantially enhanced its GNSO Operating Procedures (currently v2.4)

    • Approved Standing Committee on Improvement Implementation (SCI) (Apr 2011)

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