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WHOIS Policy Review Team Composition - 2010

Last Updated:
30 November 2012

Applicants for the WHOIS Policies Review Team

Applicants Country SO/AC Stakeholder Group Documents
Babagana Abubakar Nigeria SOAC - GNSO Stakeholder Group: Not Provided Mr. Babagana Abubakar has withdrawn his application and the supporting documents have been redacted at the applicant's request.
Lee Eulgen USA GNSO Stakeholder Group - IPC
James Bladel USA GNSO Registrar SG
Susan Kawaguchi USA GNSO CBUC
Kathy Kleiman USA GNSO Registries SG
Eric Brunner-Williams USA GNSO Registrar SG
Registry SG
Bill Smith
WHOIS RT: Second Choice
Amber Sterling USA GNSO NCSG
Kim G. Von Arx Canada / Switzerland GNSO NCUC / NCSG