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Accountability and Transparency Review Team - 2010

Last Updated:
30 November 2012

Applicants for the Accountability and Transparency Review Team

Applicants Country SO/AC Stakeholder Group Documents
Warren Adelman - Selected USA GNSO Registrar SG
Ronald Andruff USA GNSO CBUC
Mark Bohannon USA GNSO IPC
Eric Brunner-Williams USA GNSO Independent
William Currie - Selected ZA GNSO NCSG
Brian Cute - Selected USA GNSO Registries SG
S. S. Kshatriya IN GNSO Independent
Victoria McEvedy UK GNSO Independent
Olivier Muron - Selected FR GNSO ISPCP
Elaine Pruis USA GNSO Registries SG
Hakikur Rahman BD GNSO NCSG