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Status Updates provided for the GNSO Council teleconference 24 September 2009

Last Updated:

10. 2. ccNSO Liaison update - Olga Cavalli

ccnso-idnpdpwg1 working team:

ICANN staff has prepared a first draft Topic Paper, which is being reviewed by the working team. The document is attached.
This first paper will be discussed among the working team and should be available for public comments by mid October.
There will be a face to face meeting of the wt in Seoul.
The final topic paper including comments should be ready by 20 November.

10. 3. Geographical Region WG update Olga Cavalli/Zahid Jamil

The initial Working Group Report was available for public comments. It attempts to identify the various applications and functions to which “ICANN Geographic Regions” are currently applied by existing ICANN structures.
A new teleconference of the working group is expected to take place soon.

10. 4. 1. Prospective GNSO-SSAC work - Avri Doria

Charter discussion on agenda

10. 4. 2. RAA with ALAC - Avri Doria

Council decision and charter sent to ALAC chair

10. 4. 3. (JIG) Joint ccNSO GNSO IDN Group - Edmon Chung

A quick update on the JIG (Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Group):

ccNSO had more than 5 volunteers for the group and therefore is in the process of deciding which 5 to nominate to the group

In the meantime, Jane and I had extended invitations to different individuals in other parts of the ICANN community (e.g. GAC/SSAC/ALAC) to solicit their participation in the group

10. 4. 3. ACSO Meetig in Seoul - Avri Doria

It is suggested that we run our ACSO session on Monday afternoon with the general topic being ‘the introduction of IDN ccTLDs’. The reason for this is that current indications are that the Board may sign off on this in Seoul and it is important that each AC and SO has an opportunity to express any concerns they may have. The ACSO session would be scheduled with the staff (Tina, Kurt and team) IDN session acting as an introduction.

10. 5 Policy Items

10. 5. 1. Working Groups

10. 5. 1. 2. Post-Expiry Domain Name Recovery Working Group - Tim Ruiz

All SOIs of participants have now been collected.
Registrar Survey: Marika is ready to work on these, and will be reaching out to known registrar reps for answers or an appropriate contact within the organization.
Discussion of a workshop during the Seoul meeting - scheduling & remote access facilities, what other meetings may conflict, concern that new gTLD sessions would take away our participants, potential conflict with an ALAC event.

Public Comment summary and analysis

** 14 Comments Rec’d, 13 participants (1 commented twice)
** Answers grouped by charter questions.
** Feedback on other issues (not related to charter questions) were also collected
** Constituency Statements: IPC, RSG not posted yet or included in analysis.
** Discussion of a "drop box" during Seoul to receive anonymous comments.

Some discussion about Registry Practices. Notably, the extension of the date during auto-renew grace period which could give registrants the impression that the date had renewed.

Discussed a shift in the timeline. I will likely be posing this request to the Council (2 wk extension).

Continued discussion on Charter question 1 - Does registrant have sufficient opportunity to renew names prior to expiry?

10. 5. 1. 3. Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part B Working Group - Tim Ruiz

Continued discussions on defining terms.
Public comment period on charter issues is still open. Closes 5 October.

10. 6. Drafting Teams

10. 6. 1. Travel Policy Drafting Team - Olga Cavalli

As mentioned in previous messages sent to the GNSO Council, Kevin Wilson informed us that there is some flexibility for additional support to travel so Seoul for retiring GNSO councellors.

GNSO should send the information about this names asap, so far these expression of interest for funding have been sent to the GNSO list:
ISPCP Council members

Tony Holmes - Funded to attend NomCom meeting in Seoul, would need additional hotel/per diem funding.

Tony Harris - Would need full funding for Seoul.

GNSO should confirm who else would be interested in this funding and formally make the request to ICANN Staff asap.
A face to face meeting of the travel drafting team will be scheduled with ICANN staff during the ICANN Seoul meeting. Once the date and time are established, this information will be sent to the drafting team list.

10. 6. 2. IDNG Working Group update - IDNG Draft Charter Edmon Chung

On Hold while JIG is getting underway.

10. 7. GNSO Improvement Work Teams

10. 7. 1. Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC) Policy Development Process (PDP) work team (WT) - Jeff Neuman

The PDP-WT is finalizing its discussions on the ’proposal review and voting threshold’ stage (stage two out of five), and is expected to start discussions shortly on stage three ’Work Phase’.
A first draft of the recommendations for the ’planning and initiation’ stage (stage one out of five) has been circulated to the WT for review and discussion.
In addition, a survey has been distributed to all members of the Work Team with respect to stage 2 to solicit additional feedback and to develop concrete recommendations to include in a draft document.

10. 7. 2. PPSC Working Group work team WGWT - J. Scott Evans

Our group divided its work into two sections.
First, we are developing a Charter Drafting Guidelines document that would assist groups that are chartering a Working Group in putting together an appropriate Charter.

Second, we are putting together a Working Group Operating Model Guidebook that would be used by Working Groups to understand how to operate a working group.

Currently, we have finished the work on a majority of the Charter Drafting Guidelines document. We hope to have a call for consensus for about 90% of the document within the next 2 weeks. However, because certain sections of the Charter Drafting Guidelines cross-reference information in the Working Group Operating Model Guidebook, there are a couple of sections for which we will have to delay the call for consensus until such time as the Working Group Operating Model Guidebook is finalized. Hence, we plan to start work on the second document next week.
We are cognizant that some portions of the Working Group Operating Model Guidebook are reliant on working going on in other parts of the reorganization effort and we have every intention (with the assistance of our able staff liaisons) to ensure that our work compliments and/or incorporates the work of these other groups before being finalized.
We have a rough draft of this second document prepared and will now begin the task of refining the text.
It is our hope to have the document in a position to have an intense drafting session in Seoul so that we can have a draft to put out a call for consensuses soon thereafter.

10. 7. 3. Operations Steering Committee (OSC) Communications coordination work team - Chuck Gomes

The WT received an extensive briefing by the ICANN internal web team about new architecture for the GNSO website and will incorporate any applicable changes into recommendations.

The WT anticipates having a report ready by Seoul, time permitting.

The WT plans to hold an in-person meeting in Seoul with teleconference access.

10. 7. 4. OSC Constituency operations work team - Chuck Gomes

Initial recommendation documents are being reviewed among sub-team members and draft versions should be available in a few weeks for full WT review.
Actions regarding developing a global outreach program to broaden participation in stakeholder groups and constituencies will be reviewed in the next conference call.
The WT plans to hold an in-person meeting in Seoul with teleconference access.

10. 7. 5. OSC GNSO Council operations work team - Chuck Gomes

  • The WT delivered Draft Council Operating Procedures to the OSC that were then forwarded to the Council for public posting; they included just the elements of the Council Rules of Procedure that are needed before seating the bicameral Council in Seoul.
  • The WT will continue working on other elements of the Council Operating Procedures for future consideration.
  • The WT plans to hold an in-person meeting in Seoul with teleconference access.