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GNSO Wrap-Up Session Brussels Notes and Action Items 24 June 2010

Last Updated:
16 July 2010

The meeting started at 08:10 CET; 06:10 UTC.

List of attendees:

Andrei Kolesnikov NCA – Non Voting

Contracted Parties House

Registrar Stakeholder Group: Stéphane van Gelder, Tim Ruiz, Adrian Kinderis

gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group: Chuck Gomes, Caroline Greer, Edmon Chung

Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA): Terry Davis

Non-Contracted Parties House

Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG): , Wolf-Ulrich Knoben, Jaime Wagner, David Taylor, Zahid Jamil, Mike Rodenbaugh
Kristina Rosette - remote participation

Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG): Rafik Dammak, Debra Hughes; Rosemary Sinclair, Wendy Seltzer, Mary Wong, William Drake

Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA): Olga Cavalli

GNSO Council Liaisons/Observers
Alan Greenberg – ALAC Liaison
Han Chuan Lee – ccNSO Observer

David Olive - Vice President, Policy Development
Liz Gasster - Senior Policy Counselor, ICANN Policy Support
Julie Hedlund - Director, SSAC and policy Support
Margie Milam - Senior Policy Counselor
Marika Konings - Policy Director
Glen de Saint Géry - GNSO Secretariat

For detailed information of the meeting, please refer to:

1. GNSO Chair and vice chair elections - officers should take their seats by the end of the ICANN meetings in Cartagena, Columbia.
Chuck Gomes is term limited in the Registries Stakeholder Group, thus is not able to stand again for GNSO Council chair.
Contracted and Non Contracted Parties Houses are urged to discuss this in their stakeholder groups and make sure that proposed candidates are eligible.

2. GNSO Working Sessions: Meeting scheduling - Stéphane van Gelder to take the lead, with Glen's assistance in preparing the schedule for the GNSO Working sessions at the Cartagena meetings on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December 2010. Council was happy with the interaction among stakeholder groups and constituencies in the planning process.

3. Meeting Logistics - Coffee breaks: not practical to have a central point of coffee in a spread out meeting facility. Coffee should be available in close proximity to the meeting rooms.

Allowance should be made in the schedule for breaks between all the meetings.
There should be short breaks between meetings to allow for transition.

4. GNSO Open Council Meeting critique

  • Technology - make Adobe Connect work better with all operating systems or alternatives that allow participation from Linux based systems.
    Use the Adobe chat room facilities, jabber or instant messaging in a side channel during the meeting to interact with constituency/stakeholder group members
    Challenge with Adobe Connect that it does not support redline versions and other live editing tools do not have features like hand raising and chat.

    Procedural Discussions were too long and ways should be sought to come to a crisper consensus more quickly. Some of the suggestions for improvement were:

      • better preparation on the mailing list,
      • ensure that all councillors are familiar with procedural rules,
      • adhere to stricter time lines during the meeting.
      • previously the agenda was structured to avoid procedural issues during open meetings, but the challenging work load has made this difficult to continue.
      • do managerial work during teleconference calls.
      • use the open Saturday and Sunday sessions as preparatory sessions for the Council meeting so that participants can see how the Council interacts.
      • motions read during open meetings are time consuming and should rather be displayed on the screen for the audience.

    Low participation level at the Open Council meeting. Possible factors contributing to this are:

      • early start at 08:00 am. - late night networking is important in ICANN meetings and not conducive to early starts.

      • should perhaps consider moving the time of the meeting to the afternoon

      • the size of the room, the agenda topics, and the repetitive nature of the Working Group reports

Action Items

  • Form a group to improve the running of the GNSO Open Council meetings
    Volunteers: Wendy Seltzer - leader, Tim Ruiz, Kristina Rosette

Glen will send a message to the Council list requesting other volunteers.

  • Stéphane van Gelder and Glen to examine changing time of the Council meeting

5. Comments on the overall schedule for the week in Brussels - looking forward to Cartagena

  • Schedule time to discuss the Council's role during the next ICANN meetings in Cartagena
  • Council's involvement in cross community working groups. Address the concern expressed by the GAC on morality and public order.
  • GNSO Council/ICANN Board dinner - the new approach of table topics worked well. ICANN Board members suggested a communications session between the GNSO Council and the Board. The Council and Board held such a session on Vertical Integration in Brussels.
    Suggestions for this event going forward were to have two separate sessions, one, communications and informational, and a second social event.
    It was suggested that the social event take place without staff.

Action Items:

1. Form a cross Supporting Organisation/Advisory Committee group to address the concern on morality and public order.
Note, the group is not restricted to Councillors.

Bill Drake, Caroline Greer, Zahid Jamil, Jaime Wagner, Olga Cavalli

2. Form a group to work on the GNSO Council interaction with the Board

Terry Davis, David Taylor, Jaime Wagner, Zahid Jamil, Stéphane van Gelder

6. Liz Gasster informed the Council that ICANN would be phasing out during the next six months from the Social Text Wiki to the Confluence Wiki. Appropriate training is foreseen.

Chuck Gomes adjourned the GNSO Wrap-Up Session and thanked everyone for their participation.
The meeting was adjourned at 09:30 CET; 07:30 UTC.