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WHOIS Task Forces 1 and 2 Cape Town meeting notes

Last Updated:
31 August 2009

WHOIS Task Forces 1 & 2 and GNSO Council

Cape Town meeting

1 December, 2004 - Minutes


GNSO Constituency representatives:
Registrars constituency - Jordyn Buchanan - Co-Chair

Registrars constituency - Paul Stahura

Registrars constituency - Tim Ruiz

Commercial and Business Users constituency - Marilyn Cade
gTLD Registries constituency - David Maher
Registrars constituency - Tom Keller

Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Steve Metalitz - remote participation by telephone

Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Niklas Lagergren,

Internet Service and Connectivity Providers constituency: - Antonio Harris

Nominating committee representative - Amadeu Abril l Abril

GNSO Council

Registrars constituency - Bruce Tonkin - GNSO Chair

Non Commercial Users Constituency - Carlos Afonso

Nominating committee representative - Demi Getschko

Commercial and Business Users constituency - Philip Sheppard

Vice President Supporting Organizations
Paul Verhoef

GNSO Secretariat: Glen de Saint Géry


gTLD Registries constituency: - Jeff Neuman - Co-Chair - apologies

Non Commercial Users Constituency - Marc Schneiders - apologies

Commercial and Business Users constituency - David Fares

I Internet Service and Connectivity Providers constituency - Maggie Mansourkia - apologies

Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Jeremy Banks

Non Commercial Users Constituency - Milton Mueller

At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons - Wendy Seltzer

At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons - Thomas Roessler - apologies

ICANN Staff Manager: Barbara Roseman - apologies

Jordyn Buchanan briefly summarized the items arising out of the Cape Town meetings, the face to face task force 1/2 meeting with members of the GNSO Council and the (first ever) GNSO public forum.

"For those of you who were not present at Cape Town, here is a brief summary of the items arising out of the meeting.

For those of you that were there, this summary includes action items so please read it.

1) Our first recommendation, "Recommendations relating to improving notification and consent for the use of contact data in the Whois system" , was presented to the board during the (first ever) GNSO public forum.

However, in order to be formally submitted to the council for general public comment, the recommendation must be submitted in the form of an initial report (certain requirements of which are specified in the bylaws).

This will require feedback from constituencies; see below for more on that.

2) During our face-to-face meeting, Paul Verhoef of ICANN raised a concern that the staff might have issues implementing the recommendation. Because we were not sure what the impact of these issues might be, we elected not to present the council with these recommendations, but instead provided a general overview of our work on the procedure to reconcile conflicts with local/national privacy law and tiered access.

3) Jeff and I are hoping to receive feedback from ICANN on the second recommendation "A Procedure for conflicts, when there are conflicts between a registrar's of registry's legal obligations under local privacy laws and their contractual obligations to ICANN" within a week, and anticipate issuing a call for constituency statements on both of our recommendations next week with a due date of January 14, 2005.

4) Also during our face to face meeting, we agreed that it would advance our tiered access work to request that task force members present concrete proposals for tiered access systems. I believe that Thomas Roessler has already presented one general framework in this regard, but various members have other proposals. These proposals would be presented in the form of short papers that would be presented in a call with opportunity for questions and discussion. I am going to initially request that all proposals be submitted to the task force by December 20 (two weeks from today) for discussion early in the New Year.

5) We will have our next call on December 14 in our usual time slot. Jeff and I will put together an agenda this week.

Jordyn Buchanan thanked everyone for their presence and participation.

Next Call:
14 December 2004

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