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Minutes of the New GNSO Council Public Meeting in Toronto 17 October 2012

Last Updated:
19 November 2012

Agenda and Documents

The meeting started at 01:10 UTC.
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List of attendees: NCA – Non Voting – Jennifer Wolfe - absent

Contracted Parties House
Registrar Stakeholder Group: Stéphane van Gelder, Mason Cole, Yoav Keren, Volker Greimann

gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group: Jeff Neuman, Jonathan Robinson, Ching Chiao

Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA): Thomas Rickert

Non-Contracted Parties House
Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG): Wolf-Ulrich Knoben, John Berard –proxy vote for Zahid Jamil - absent, Osvaldo Novoa, Brian Winterfeldt, Petter Rindforth

Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG): Maria Farrell, Magaly Pazello,Wendy Seltzer, Milton Mueller temporary alternate for Joy Liddicoat, Wendy Seltzer, David Cake, Wolfgang Kleinwächter

Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA): Lanre Ajayi

GNSO Council Liaisons/Observers:
Alan Greenberg – ALAC Liaison
Han Chuan Lee– ccNSO Observer

David Olive - VP Policy Development
Julie Hedlund - Policy Director
Rob Hoggarth - Senior Policy Director
Margie Milam - Senior Policy Counselor
Marika Konings - Senior Policy Director
Berry Cobb – Policy consultant
Glen de Saint Géry - GNSO Secretariat

Stéphane van Gelder chaired the meeting.

Item 1: Seating of the New Council

1.2 Statements of interest

Item 2: Vote for GNSO Council chair

Stéphane van Gelder noted that two nominations were received for the position, Jonathan Robinson and Thomas Rickert. The GNSO Council held a question and answer session over the weekend with the two candidates.

The vote proceeded by secret ballot.

First Round of voting
The envelope contains a ballot with three options: Jonathan Robinson, Thomas Rickert, and none of the above.

Please vote for one of those three options. Please keep your votes secret. The ballots will be collected and counted.

Results of the first round of elections for the Council chair.
Jonathan Robinson, the candidate nominated by the contracted parties house, received 85.71% of the votes from the Contracted Parties House and 23.08% of the votes from the Non Contracted Parties House.

Thomas Rickert, the candidate nominated by the Non Contracted Parties House, received 14.29% from the Contracted Parties House and 76.92% of the votes from the Non Contracted parties' house.

Both candidates reached the required threshold of 60% minimum of one house to be considered for the second round.

Jonathan Robinson, the candidate with the highest tally,108.79% proceeded to the second round.

Second Round
The voting proceeded by secret ballot (at the request- of Wolf-Ulrich Knoben) with a ballot marked: Jonathan Robinson or none of the above.

Jonathan Robinson elected as GNSO Council Chair

Final result of voting in the second round:
Contracted parties' house, Seven (7) votes in favour of Jonathan Robinson

Non Contracted parties' house, Eleven (11) votes in favour of Jonathan Robinson, two (2) votes for none of the above.

Thomas Rickert was then first to congratulate Jonathan Robinson.
Stéphane van Gelder thanked both candidates for standing and congratulated Jonathan on behalf of the GNSO Council.

Stéphane van Gelder announced that the Contracted Parties House had elected Mason Cole as Vice Chair.

Stéphane van Gelder adjourned the GNSO Council meeting and thanked everyone for their participation.

The meeting was adjourned at 01:35 UTC.

The next GNSO Council meeting will take place on Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 11:00 UTC.
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