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GNSO Council Teleconference Minutes

Last Updated:

12 July 2004.

Proposed agenda and related documents

List of attendees:

Philip Sheppard - Commercial & Business users C.

Marilyn Cade - Commercial & Business users C.

Grant Forsyth - Commercial & Business users C. - absent

Greg Ruth - ISCPC - absent

Antonio Harris - ISCPC

Tony Holmes - ISCPC

Thomas Keller- Registrars

Ross Rader - Registrars - absent

Bruce Tonkin - Registrars

Ken Stubbs - gTLD registries

Philip Colebrook - gTLD registries

Cary Karp - gTLD registries

Lucy Nichols - Intellectual Property Interests C

Niklas Lagergren - Intellectual Property Interests C

Kiyoshi Tsuru - Intellectual Property Interests C.

Jisuk Woo - Non Commercial users C. - absent

Marc Schneiders - Non Commercial users C.

Carlos Afonso - Non Commercial users C. - absent

Alick Wilson

Demi Getschko

Amadeu Abril I Abril

16 Council Members

Paul Verhoef - Vice President, Policy Development Support

Barbara Roseman - ICANN Staff Manager

Thomas Roessler - ALAC Liaison

Suzanne Sene - GAC Liaison - apologies

The WHOIS Task Force Chairs were asked to join the call.

Brian Darville - WHOIS Task Force 3 Chair

Jeff Neuman - WHOIS Task Force 1 Chair absent - apologies

Jordyn Buchanan - Whois Task Force 2 absent - apologies

Glen de Saint G�ry - GNSO Secretariat

MP3 Recording

Quorum present at 12:05 UTC,

Bruce Tonkin chaired this teleconference.

Item 1: Approval of Agenda

Agenda approved

Item 2: Approval of the Minutes May 6, 2004.

Ken Stubbs seconded by Philip Sheppard moved the adoption of the Minutes of May 6, 2004.

The motion carried with one abstention from Marc Schneiders

Decision 1: The May 6 Minutes were adopted

Adoption of the 16 June meeting minutes was deferred to the next meeting.

Item 3: Matters arising from 16 June 2004

- update on new staff positions

Paul Verhoef reported that the new staff position descriptions had been finalized and would soon be published on the ICANN website.

(see )

- plan meetings in Kuala Lumpur regarding interaction Between new ICANN staff roles and GNSO

Bruce Tonkin reported that he had arranged a meeting with Senior ICANN staff and some GNSO Council members on Sunday 18 July in Kuala Lumpur, to discuss the expectations for the new staff positions. Any other GNSO Council members who wished were welcome to attend.

Item 4: Update on WHOIS task forces

Receive an update from the WHOIS task force chairs, Jeff Neuman, Jordyn Buchanan, Brian Darville

- reports to be updated by 12 July 2004

- plan meetings in Kuala Lumpur

Brian Darville reported that that Task Force 3 would not have a report ready by Kuala Lumpur. There were clear recommendations in the preliminary report, the public comments had been summarized, but the report needed additional work and time.

Bruce Tonkin reported that Jordyn Buchanan, Whois task force 2 chair and Jeff Neuman, Whois task force 1 chair, were in similar situations with the Task Force 1 and 2 reports that required merging and would only be ready by the Kuala Lumpur meeting. A few weeks work was still needed on the reports after the Kuala Lumpur meetings.

Marilyn Cade commented that the task force reports lacked practical means of implementation on some of the concepts being explored and suggested that at the meeting in Kuala Lumpur it would be more productive to develop such guide lines before completing their work.

As a way of moving forward, Bruce Tonkin proposed that the GNSO Council as a whole, when meeting with the task forces in Kuala Lumpur, should go through the task force recommendations select those which seemed to be the most practical to pursue and then recommend that the task forces concentrate on the implementatbility of those in detail.

It was suggested that Dan Halloran, who has a thorough understanding of the contracts affecting Registrars and Registries, be present

Bruce Tonkin further proposed that the outcome of meeting be summarized in email form so that online comments would be possible.

Item 5: Update on Policy Development Process (PDP) for approval process for gtld registry changes

- draft preliminary report - due 12 July 2004

Bruce Tonkin reported that he was currently working on the report which would probably be discussed in Kuala Lumpur. The intention was to post the report for a 20 day official public comment period after the Kuala Lumpur meetings after which the report could be finalized.

Marilyn Cade, asked about timing. The GNSO Council was asked to develop recommendations to ICANN and were the timeframes being met or should they be modified in order to stay in compliance with the Board's request and the ICANN bylaws with respect to the policy development proces?

Bruce Tonkin responded that the original letter from Paul Twomey in October mentioned that the GNSO was to make its recommendations no later than 15 January 2004.

Item 6: Re-assignment of .net

- report on public comment process

Philip Sheppard,
reported that the second public comment stage was due to close on 14 July. The comments would then be included in the report and the committee would have an opportunity to agree to the report before it was submitted to the GNSO Council in Kuala Lumpur.

A .net sub committee meeting was proposed on Tuesday 20 July from 10:00 to 12:00 in Kuala Lumpur. Constituencies were encouraged to discuss their agreement on the report. One statement had been received from the Commercial and Business Users Constituency and constituencies were encouraged to discuss their agreement on the report.

Cary Karp expressed concerned as to whether the policy development process was in process or whether the Board was soliciting advice.

Bruce Tonkin proposed seeking legal advice and commented that in a letter from Paul Verhoef to Bruce Tonkin as GNSO Chair, the word "advice" was used but in a subsequent letter from Verisign to ICANN, under the Verisign contract, they believed that it needed to be developed as consensus policy using the full policy development process.

Philip Sheppard commented that because of the uncertainty the sub committee had operated from the basis of providing advice but following as closely as possible the guidelines in the policy development process.

Bruce Tonkin proposed seeking advice from John Jeffrey at the GNSO Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur

Item 7: Guide to GNSO policy development

Marilyn Cade addressed the issue commenting that from her experience on other fora, she observed the need for the GNSO Council and the Task Forces to have a guide which explained the formal process that needed to be followed in developing policy with the appropriate links to the applicable parts of the ICANN by laws and other documents.

Bruce Tonkin suggested that establishing roles and expectations could possibly be an outcome of the Kuala Lumpur meetings with the staff and certain GNSO Council members.

Item 8: Any Other Business


Marilyn Cade
reminded Council that on Tuesday 20 July, at 8:30 from 10:00 there would be the Workshop on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) information meeting which would be addressed by, among others, Paul Twomey and Marcus Kumar, with comments from the constituencies stakeholders and interest groups.

b. Kuala Lumpur meetings timetable:

The secretary summarized the Kuala Lumpur meetings timetable:

Sunday 20 July 8:30 to 10:00 Breakfast with ICANN senior staff and certain GNSO Council members

Monday 19 July 7:30 to 9:00 GNSO Council Brekfast with ICANN Board and senior staff

Monday 19 July all day Constituency meetings

Monday 19 July 13:00 to 13:45 GAC working group/GNSO Council

Monday 19 July 17:00 to 17:30 ccNSO /GNSO Council

Monday 19 July 19:00 to 22:00 Official Reception

Tuesday 20 July 8:30 to 10:00 WSIS

Tuesday 20 July 10:00 to 12:00 .net sub committee

Tuesday 20 July 11:00 to 13:00 GNSO Council and Whois task force members

Tuesday 20 July 14:00 to 16:00 GNSO Council meeting

The program would be emailed to the GNSO Council members.

c. ccNSO interaction with the GNSO Council

Bruce Tonkin proposed a liaison officer and physical meetings at the ICANN meetings as the appropriate way to interact with the with ccNSO.

Marilyn Cade and Ken Stubbs were in favour of establishing liaisons with other supporting organizations as well.

Bruce Tonkin mentioned that the Kuala Lumpur agenda would be similar to the agenda of this meeting and afford the opportunity to brief the public on the policy areas being undertaken by the GNSO Council.

Bruce Tonkin declared GNSO meeting closed and thanked everybody for participating.

The meeting ended: 12:50 UTC.

  • Next GNSO Council meeting will be held in the Grand Ballroom at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur at 14:00 local time, 06:00 UTC

    see: Calendar