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WHOIS Task Force 3 minutes

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WHOIS Task Force 3 Teleconference February 18 , 2004 - Minutes


GNSO Constituency representatives:
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Brian Darville - Chair:
Registrars Constituency - Ross Rader
gTLD Registries constituency: - Ken Stubbs
Internet Service Providers and connectivity providers Constituency - Greg Ruth
Commercial and Business Users constituency - Sarah Deutsch
Non Commercial Users constituency - Frannie Wellings
Angela Smith for Terry Clark from Intellectual Property Interests Constituency

GNSO Secretariat: Glen de Saint Géry

ICANN Staff Manager: Barbara Roseman
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Kiyoshi Tsuru
At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons: - Vittorio Bertola
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Terry Clark
Registrars Constituency - Brian Cute

Brain Darville stated that he would circulate a further revised draft interim report to the group:
Ken Stubbs, Brian Cute, and Ross Rader by Monday 23 February.
Comments should be submitted as soon as possible.

The GNSO secretariat was requested to inquire what progress had been made with the ccTLD survey.

Brian Darville suggested that there were 2 ways of presenting the data:
1. Aggregate responses
2. According to respondent category

If on Monday there were only 2 or 3 responses they should be indicated but there seemed no point of summarizing them. The responses should rather be included in the preliminary report for April 9.

Workshop in Rome - chair

Brain Darville suggested Co-chairs for the Whois Workshop in Rome: Sarah Deutsch and Ross Rader
Unanimous vote of approval from the group.

Agenda for Rome

Brian Darville suggested sending out an agenda which could be filled in by the co-chairs.
Speaker presentation would include the interim report based on registrar results, ccTLD results, presentations from companies.
Sarah Deutsch reported that she was reaching out to get people to present at the workshop, including someone from American Online.
Brian Darville mentioned that he had asked someone in the Intellectual Property Interests constituency to make a presentation.
It was suggested that the last 30 minutes be devoted to discussions working toward a best practice document.

Brian Darville would circulated timelines after the call with Bruce Tonkin and the other task force chairs.

Brain Darville mentioned an email exchange with Kurt Pritz from ICANN where the latter suggested that if the survey were sent to individual companies there should be a personal follow up by phone and speak with every recipient of a questionnaire and get a commitment as to when the questions can (if ever) be expected. Then the time could be projected accurately.

Ken Stubbs suggested looking for information on the Internet as to how large companies and organizations verified their data if there were not enough survey responses gathered. It was agreed that he would circulate his findings and then the idea could be assessed.

Next call:
1. Interim report
2. Whois workshop

Brian Darville thanked everyone for their presence and participation and ended the call at UTC. 16:00

Next call: Wednesday 25, 15:30 UTC, 10:30 EST, 7:30 Los Angeles, 16:30 CET.