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WHOIS Task Force 2 minutes

Last Updated:
22 October 2018

WHOIS Task Force 2 Teleconference January 26, 2004- Minutes


GNSO Constituency representatives:
gTLD Registries constituency: - Jordyn Buchanan - chair
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Niklas Lagergren
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Steve Metalitz (speaker)
Registrars Constituency - Thomas Keller (speaker)
Registrars Constituency - Tim Ruiz
TLD Registries constituency - David Maher
Internet Service and Connectivity Providers constituency - Maggie Mansourkia
Commercial and Business Users constituency:- Marilyn Cade
Non Commercial Users Constituency:- Kathryn Kleiman
GNSO Council independent representative - Amadeu Abril I Abril
At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons - Thomas Roessler and Wendy Seltzer

GNSO Secretariat: Glen de Saint Géry

Meeting agenda:
Review the final questions with the cover letter
Report on the Calendaring
Jordyn Buchanan reported that there was a suggestion to have the constituency statements prior to the data gathering, but practically all the task forces rejected the idea and opted for the data gathering first.
Organizing for the workshop
Outreach to GAC - Christopher Wilkinson, GAC liaison on the asked whether the questions were intended to be responded to by the GAC as a whole or by individual countries. He expressed the idea that some individual countries may be reluctant to respond in an individual capacity as opposed to a coordinated GAC response. It seemed to suppose that opinions were being asked for rather than facts.
Organizing for the workshop
Jordyn Buchanan thanked everyone for their presence and participation and ended the call at 17:30 UTC.

Next call: Monday 2 February 2004, 16:00 UTC, 11:00 EST, 8:00 Los Angeles, 17:00 CET.