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WHOIS Task Force 2 minutes

Last Updated:
22 October 2018

WHOIS Task Force 2 Teleconference 8 March, 2004- Minutes


GNSO Constituency representatives:
gTLD Registries constituency: - Jordyn Buchanan - chair
gTLD Registries constituency - David Maher
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Steve Metalitz
Registrars Constituency - Thomas Keller
TLD Registries constituency - David Maher
Non Commercial Users Constituency:- Kathryn Kleiman

At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons - Thomas Roessler
GNSO Secretariat: Glen de Saint Géry

ICANN Staff Manager: Barbara Roseman with apologies
GNSO Council independent representative - Amadeu Abril I Abril with apologies
Internet Service and Connectivity Providers constituency - Maggie Mansourkia
Commercial and Business Users constituency:- Marilyn Cade
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Niklas Lagergren

1) Results of the Rome workshops

2) AOB

Kathy Kleiman reported that presentations had been made by:
George Papapavlou: presentation to a joint meeting of the Registrars and Noncommercial Users constituencies, based on the task force questionnaire to the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) Members, and
Bruce Tonkin also made a presentation to the GAC members and (we are told) urged responses.
In addition, Kathy Kleiman shared that she had asked the US Department of Comerce to talk with other GAC members in Rome about the survey, and to let them know about the extension of the GAC deadline to 3/15.

Tom Keller chaired the Whois task force 2 Rome workshop in the absence of Jordyn Buchanan and reported that there had been few new ideas. The pro privacy and intellectual property interests were passionately expressed. It was difficult to distinguish opinions from facts with regard to how people used Whois data.
In his opinion it would be preferable to focus on data that was already available from previous task forces as little new data was expected.
Jordyn Buchanan remarked that there could be substantial changes between the preliminary and final reports based on additional data received during the public comment period.

Jordyn Buchanan stated that he had informed the GNSO Council that constituency statements would be in by 29 March and not 19 March so the task force would be 10 days behind the schedule previously agreed on with the other task forces, however this would not effect the general timeframe of the other task forces.
Proposed modified time frame for task force 2:

29 March - Constituency statements due (current schedule: 19 March due date)
19 April - Preliminary report
19 April - Public Comments open
8 May - Public comments close
30 May - Final report

2) AOB
Jordyn Buchanan informed the group of his change of employment status as he no longer worked for a registry.
He proposed 2 options:

1. Continue to serve as task force chair in an administrative capacity and no longer in an advocacy role, with David Maher as spokesman for the registry constituency.
2. Step aside completely and have a new chair elected.

Steve Metalitz and Kathy Kleiman supported option 1.
The bylaws do not stipulate that the chair should be from the registry constituency.

Jordyn Buchanan proposed:

- Advising the registry constituency of the situation and waiting for the constituency decision.
- Continuing the administrative functions for the Whois task force 2
- Announcing David Maher as the official registry constituency representative

It was suggested that since all the task force members were not present, the issue should be handled on the mailing list.

Next meeting:
Jordyn Buchanan urged the teams to work closely on the analysis of the available data over the next few weeks
Week 8 to 15 March: draft analysis of data.

Next Week:
15 March 2004: Team calls
22 March 2004: Regular task force 2 call: 8:15 LA; 11:15 EST 16:25 UTC, 17:15 CET

Jordyn Buchanan thanked everyone for their presence and participation and ended the call at 16:45 UTC.

Next call: Monday 22 March 2004, 16:15 UTC, 11:15 EST, 8:15 Los Angeles, 17:15 CET.