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WHOIS Task Force 1 minutes

Last Updated:
22 October 2018

WHOIS Task Force 1 Teleconference February 3, 2004 - Minutes


GNSO Constituency representatives:
gTLD Registries constituency: - Jeff Neuman - Chair
Commercial and Business Users constituency - David Fares
Registrars Constituency - Paul Stahura
gTLD Registries constituency - David Maher

At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons - Wendy Seltzer
ICANN Staff Manager: Barbara Roseman
GNSO Secretariat: Glen de Saint Géry

Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Jeremy Banks (alternate)
Internet Service and Connectivity Providers constituency: - Antonio Harris
Non Commercial Users Constituency - Milton Mueller

Jeff Neuman reported that Barbara Roseman and himself were working on identifying specific contacts for the non marketing addresses.
Jeff Neuman suggested sending round the list to the task force members and asked Paul Stahura in particular to contact some registrars.

Jeff Neuman mentioned the 2 OECD reports:
Privacy considerations
Consumer policy considerations and the importance of accuracy in available Whois data

Jeff Neuman identified working group 1:

Creating a format for charting WHOIS data users' needs and justifications as stated in the terms of reference, milestone 1:
- collect the stated needs and the justification for those needs from non-marketing users of contact information (this could be extracted from the Montreal workshop and also by GNSO constituencies, and should also include accessibility requirements (e.g based on W3C standards)
David Maher, Wendy Seltzer, Jeremy Banks, John Wolfe, Tony Harris
Aim to have the data available by the Rome meeting

Group Meeting: February 5, Needs and justification chart

Jeff Neuman thanked everyone for their presence and participation and ended the call at 16:20 UTC.

Next call: Tuesday 10 February 2004, 16:00 UTC, 11:00 EST, 8:00 Los Angeles, 17:00 CET.