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Minutes of the GNSO Council Meeting 12 December 2013

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Agenda and Documents

The meeting started at 15:03 UTC

Meeting Times 15:00 UTC

List of attendees: NCA – Non Voting – Jennifer Wolfe

Contracted Parties House
Registrar Stakeholder Group: James Bladel, Volker Greimann, Yoav Keren

gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group: Jonathan Robinson, Ching Chiao, Chuck Gomes

Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA): Thomas Rickert

Non-Contracted Parties House
Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG); Gabriela Szlak, John Berard, Osvaldo Novoa, Mikey O'Connor, Petter Rindforth, Brian Winterfeldt – absent, apologies  proxy to Petter Rindforth

Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG): Amr Elsadr, Klaus Stoll, Maria Farrell, David Cake, Avri Doria, Magaly Pazello- absent, apologies proxy to David Cake

Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA): Daniel Reed

GNSO Council Liaisons/Observers:
Alan Greenberg – ALAC Liaison
Patrick Myles  - ccNSO Observer – absent, apologies 


David Olive - VP Policy Development – absent apologies
Marika Konings - Senior Policy Director
Rob Hoggarth - Senior Policy Director
Mary Wong – Senior Policy Director
Julie Hedlund – Policy Director
Berry Cobb – Policy consultant
Lars Hoffmann – Policy Analyst
Glen de Saint Géry - GNSO Secretariat
Eric Evrard– Systems Engineer

MP3 recording
Adobe Chat Transcript

Item 1: Administrative matters

1.1 Roll Call
1.2 Statement of interest updates
1.3 Review/amend agenda
Postpone dealing with the items 4 and 5 to later in the agenda to give the appropriate people time to join the call. Ching Chiao indicated that he would join the call late.
1.4. The minutes for the previous GNSO Council meetings part 1 and part 2 in Buenos Aires on 20 November 2013 will be published shortly.

Item 2: Opening Remarks / Review of Projects & Action List

Matters arising from the Projects List and Action List.

  • David Cake to work with Jonathan Robinson and staff to develop the Singapore meeting schedule.
  • Jennifer Wolfe will provide an update on any developments relating to the proposed board initiated review of the GNSO at the Council meeting in January 2014. There is currently no substantive work taking place.
  • Avri Doria confirms that she will act as liaison to the Standing Committee for GNSO Improvements Implementation (SCI)
  • Brian Winterfeldt and Amr Elsadr are the Council liaisons on the Policy and Implementation working group. It is noted that this item can be removed from the Action Item list.
  • Jennifer Wolfe and James Bladel will track the work of the Multistakeholder Innovation Panel to inform and lead any Council/GNSO input into the panel. The timeframe is not reasonable for the Council to make a submission. Jonathan Robinson, who met with Theresa Swinehart, will follow up with regard to ongoing engagement and interaction. Concern was expressed that the work of the panels overlapped with that of the GNSO and, in engaging with the work of the panel too late in the process, the GNSO may appear defensive.
  • It was suggested that Jonathan Robinson as GNSO Council chair could volunteer to record,  that the Council is aware of the work of the Panel and sees the potential for significant overlap with the areas the Council  is involved in. It is important to correct factual misstatements about the GNSO and its work.
  • GAC-GNSO Consultation Group, a small group with almost equal participation from both the GAC and the GNSO had a meeting, co-chaired by Manal Ismail and Jonathan Robinson, has agreed to work using an email list with public archives aiming on two main topics;  GAC early engagement in the PDP process and the ongoing co-operation (which may utilize the concept of a "Reverse Liaison" from the GNSO to the GAC). The group will be meeting every two weeks and aims to have progress to report by the Singapore meeting.
  • Petter Rindforth mentioned that he volunteered as Council liaison for the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Policy Development Process working group, but it was noted that Ching Chiao was the Council liaison.

Item 3: Consent agenda

Transmit the GNSO Council recommendations on Thick Whois GNSO to the ICANN Board

The Council resolved to transmit the GNSO Council recommendations on Thick Whois GNSO to the ICANN Board.

Item 4: MOTION – JIG Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs

Ching Chiao, seconded by Chuck Gomes proposed a motion to adopt the Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group (JIG) Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs


1. The JIG (Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group) was formed by mutual charters between the ccNSO and GNSO councils, and extended (ccNSO: | GNSO: to complete its work on the 3 identified issues of common interest between the ccNSO and GNSO;

2. One of those issues concerns Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs;

3. The JIG published its Draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs for public comment which closed on 16 August 2013,

4. The JIG reviewed the comments received and finalized its report accordingly.

5. The JIG submitted its Final Report to the GNSO Council on 17 November (

6. The GNSO Council reviewed and considered the Final Report.


1. The GNSO Council adopts the JIG Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs and its recommendations and will submit it to the ICANN Board for its consideration.

2. The GNSO Council thanks the JIG for its work, with special thanks to Jothan Frakes for his contributions in proactively reaching beyond the ICANN community to address issues identified in the report.

3. The GNSO Council recognizes that further work needs to be done in relation to IDNs, in particular IDN variants and universal acceptance of IDNs and asks the JIG to put forward suggestions on how to deal with these issues and deliver these suggestions to the GNSO Council by the ICANN Singapore Meetings in March 2014.

The motion carried. All those on the call voted in favour of the motion, there were no votes against the motion, there were no abstentions

Action Items:

Raise awareness among the constituencies and stakeholder groups by tracking the recommendations. (The ISPCP expressed interest in this task)
GNSO Council to work closely with the ccNSO and assess the future of the JIG or consider whether a new working group should be chartered.

Item 5: MOTION – DNS Security and Stabilty and Analysis (DSSA) Working Group Final Report

Mikey O'Connor, seconded by Osvaldo Novoa with a friendly amendment by Avri Doria proposed a motion to adopt the Final Report of the  joint DNS Stability and Security Analysis Working Group (DSSA)


1. The joint DNS Security and Stability Analysis working group was established by the participating Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees ALAC, ccNSO, GNSO and NRO to better understand the security and stability of the global domain name system (DNS) in 2011.

2. In October 2011 the ICANN Board of Directors established the Board DNS Risk Management Framework Working Group (DNS RMF WG), with the objective to oversee the development of a risk management framework and system for the DNS as it pertains to ICANN's role as defined in the ICANN Bylaws.

3. At the time the DSSA published its draft Report Phase 1 (August 2012), the DSSA went into hibernation to avoid overlap with the work of the Board DNS RMF and noted and informed the participating SO's and AC's that in order to reflect the changed environment and working method, the charter of the DSSA would need to be updated to reflect these changes.

4. The co-chairs of the DSSA WG have sent a letter ( en.pdf) to the chairs of each of the participating stakeholder organizations to submit the Final Report and the work products contained in it (available at: This letter outlines the reasons the co-chairs recommend not proceeding with phase 2.

5. The DSSA recommends the acceptance of the Final Report and further recommends that the Final Report be disseminated to registry operators and registrars for their consideration.

6. Upon adoption of the Final report of the DSSA, and notification of adoption to the co-chairs of the DSSA, the working group will be closed.


1. The GNSO Council adopts the Report submitted by the co-chairs of the DSSA WG, as the Final Report of the DSSA WG in accordance with section 2.4 of its charter.

2. The chair of the GNSO Council is requested to inform the co-chairs of the DSSA WG of adoption of the Report by the GNSO Council.

3. The chair of GNSO Council is also requested to inform the chairs of the other participating SO's and AC's (SSAC, ALAC, ccNSO and NRO).

4. Finally, the GNSO Council thanks and congratulates all, and in particular the co-chairs of the WG:

Olivier Crepin- LeBlond (ALAC), Joerg Schweiger (.DE, ccNSO), Mikey O'Connor (GNSO), James Galvin (SSAC) and Mark Kosters (NRO) and all volunteers and staff who helped with this effort.

The motion carried. All those on the call voted in favour of the motion as friendly amended, there were no votes against the motion, there were no abstentions

Avri Doria commented and requested it be recorded that she: " … would like to note, with disappointment, the situation that led to the chairs not deciding to take the work further."

Item 6: DISCUSSION – Written final input to the ATRT2

The GNSO Council approved that the Chair, Jonathan Robinson send the letter to the members of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (2) by the deadline, 13 December 2013

with the caveat that this is the position of the Council, not necessarily reflecting agreement of the stakeholder groups and constituencies involved. The groups that constitute the GNSO will provide their own additions if they so wish. Maria Farrell was thanked for spearheading the effort.

Action Item:

Jonathan Robinson will submit the letter to the members of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (2) by the deadline, 13 December 2013.

Item 7: DISCUSSION – Geographic Regions Review Working Group

The GNSO Council approved sending the proposed draft in support of the report, by Chuck Gomes to the chair of the Geographic Regions Review Working Group in response  to a request in the charter of the Working Group, as approved by the ICANN Board, requiring the Chair to receive written notification (by 31 December 2013 if possible) from each of the organisations that contributed members to the Working Group before the Final Report can be submitted formally to the ICANN Board.

Action Item:

Jonathan Robinson will submit the response in the form of a letter to the chair of the Geographic Regions Review Working Group.

Item 8: INPUT & DISCUSSION – Prospective improvements to the Policy Development Process

Marika Konings commented on the updated potential improvements to the PDP process encapsulated in a tabular format which includes reference to the related recommendations of the Accountability and Transparence Review Team 2 (ATRT2) saying that some improvements such as the charter for the privacy and proxy accreditation issues PDP was drafted by staff for drafting group and the introduction for newcomers to working groups have been implemented as an trial. Council is requested to provide input as to which other recommendations should be tried out.

Discussion highlights:

Concern was expressed with the recommendation requiring representatives from stakeholder groups and constituencies
A suggested improvement was added that current initial comment periods and reply comment periods are required and perhaps eliminating the reply period could speed up the process. However public comment process is undergoing changes and there may not be the flexibility to do this, in addition Council was reminded that the purpose for the reply period was to prevent reiterative comments flooding the forum and the question should be asked whether the issue has been addressed.

Working groups can be used to do outreach and increase participation

Concern was expressed about increasing the intensity of meetings which could lead to volunteer burn out and suggested greater emphasis be rather placed on working on mailing lists.

Action Items:

Marika Konings to refine the document based on this discussion and maintain it as an active, living document for further work
Consider forming a small group to consider specific items to make practical improvements and to demonstrate that improvements are being made to the Policy Development Process

Item 9: Any Other Business

9.1 Council was reminded to respond to a current survey about the website design and content.

9.2 Jonathan Robinson expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Chuck Gomes for his valuable contributions on the Council and for his willingness to step in immediately as temporary alternate.
Jonathan Robinson adjourned the GNSO Council meeting and thanked everyone for their participation.

The meeting was adjourned at 17:08 UTC.

The next GNSO Council meeting will take place on Thursday, 23 January 2014 at 18:00 UTC.

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