Adobe Connect - Chat Transcription from the GNSO Council meeting on 22 September 2011

Last Updated: 23 September 2011
22 September 2011

Marika Konings:GNSO Council Meeting - 22 September 2011
Mary Wong:Hello everyone, sorry I'm late
Zahid Jamil:thanks everyone
Zahid Jamil:hi Mary
Zahid Jamil::)
Kristina Rosette:@Jeff: Are you saying that the RySG position is that
the Council can act only on those WG recommendations that have unanimous support?
Jeff Neuman:Not just requires further discussion within our group
Jeff Neuman:8 days advance notice is not enough time to fully consider
Liz Gasster:Staff concurs with SVG!
Jeff Neuman:Any council members that have suggestions on prioritization and how we do this, please provide input
Adrian Kinderis:good morning everyone... for the very last time
Adrian Kinderis:can't make it
Adrian Kinderis:I love that I distracted SVG...
Stephane Van Gelder:lol
Stephane Van Gelder:how bout that for multitasking!
Adrian Kinderis:I won't be on the next call (I'll be on a plane) btu I will definitely be in Dakar (shoudl my passport come back from KL in time)
Adrian Kinderis:if it doesn't then i will be on the call actually...
Mary Wong:I'm having a devil of a time trying to get a Senegalese visa in the US with a Singapore passport :(
Adrian Kinderis:i had to send my passport to the Senegalese Embassy in KL
Mary Wong:Really? Why?
Zahid Jamil:will we need any innoclulations?
Zahid Jamil:something I heard not sure if its true
Jeff Neuman:Only 85%
Jeff Neuman::)
Adrian Kinderis:I have to have a few shots
Kristina Rosette:I've had a ton of shots
Zahid Jamil:yikes
Adrian Kinderis:no embassy in australia
Marika Konings:
Jeff Neuman:I can second
Stephane Van Gelder:thanks
Mary Wong:I'm saying aye twice, cuz of being proxy for Bill :)
Jeff Neuman:I can second this one as well
David Taylor:Two "ff"s for Jeff... ;-)
Jeff Neuman:Or you can say Jefe
Marika Konings::-)
Jeff Neuman:(in spanish)
Jeff Neuman:We have 1 more item
Jeff Neuman:the new pdpd!
Jeff Neuman:pdp!
Olga Cavalli:sorry my line went down im calling again
Olga Cavalli:im bac
Olga Cavalli:back
Olga Cavalli:hi I have problems I got disconnected again
Olga Cavalli:calling again now
Alan Greenberg:Multiple strings - more than one on the WG, but the problem was pulling together the slighltly different views on what should be done, combined with those who were dead against it.
Olga Cavalli:back now
Zahid Jamil:@Alan - thanks - helps understand
Alan Greenberg:Hallelujah!
Carlos Aguirre:clap clap clap
Zahid Jamil:congrats guys! great work!
Ching Chiao:Congrats!
Debra Hughes:great job!
rafik dammak:(having pc issues, belated ) thanks :)
Zahid Jamil::)
Kristina Rosette:Thanks, Tim.
Jamie Wagner:I was disconnected again
Liz Gasster:they do call for an independent review of the survey b4 launching
Liz Gasster:But this is a substantial amount of work and the Council must balance all of these requests for more work
Alan Greenberg:I cannot help but feel that on any subject related to Whois, there are always an infinite number of steps left to get to a satisfactory end-point.
Alan Greenberg:Doesn't mean that we can't decide to JUMP when they say so. It is our choice.
Mary Wong:@Adrian, that's the concern some NCSG members have (I just didn't express it very well :)) Thanks also to Tim and Stephane for clarifying!
Adrian Kinderis:well said tim!
Jeff Neuman:@Kristina: Agreed
Mary Wong:I arrive 5 a.m. Saturday a.m. :(
Jeff Neuman:ok, If others can let me know when you are getting in, that would help

Jeff Neuman:There is a lot to cover