GNSO Council Meeting 21 July 2011

Last Updated: 14 December 2012
21 July 2011

Adobe Connect Chat room transcript

Marika Konings: GNSO Council Meeting - 21 July 2011

Marika Konings:

Marika Konings: This is the link to the agenda on the Confluence wiki

Jeff Neuman: i have another follow up

Jeff Neuman: sorry

Alan Greenberg: trying to get on

Liz Gasster: BTW, feel free to assign a Council liaison tot he Whois service requs survey drafting team if you think that would help, there are no Council members on that group

Jeff Neuman: Centralized WHOIS has nothing to do with transfers

Liz Gasster: Kristina and all - U are right we did not specifiy in the motion, but you all did know that the issues report for UDRP would not meet the bylaws requirements before it was voted on - we should document better but it was fully discussed

Bill Drake: Happy to agree with Jeff

Liz Gasster: This motion was deferre d already I think

Kristina Rosette: @Liz, I know. When I pointed that out to the commenter, he said that should have been documented in the issues report (and I agree).

Jeff Neuman: Liz - this motion has not been deferred

Liz Gasster: last meeting?

Jeff Neuman: it was taken out of the last motion

Jeff Neuman: but perhaps i am wrong about that

Jeff Neuman: we should check

Marika Konings: The item was specifically deferred to this meeting from the meeting in Singapore

Jeff Neuman: The topic was

Jeff Neuman: but was this exact motion made

Marika Konings: yes, this clause was in the initial motion made, but then taken out and replaced by 'the GNSO Council will consider IRTP Part B Recommendation #3 concerning the request of an Issue Report on the requirement of 'thick' WHOIS for all incumbent gTLDs at its next meeting on 21 July.'

Marika Konings: through a friendly amendment

Wendy Seltzer: Liz: re: earlier discussion, when does the WHOIS services group meet?

Wendy Seltzer: (if timing works, I could offer to join/liaise)

Jeff Neuman: so it was taken out of the motion

Bill Drake: Defer, it has evolved

Liz Gasster: @ Wendy, at 1PM US eastern time today

Wendy Seltzer: thanks Liz. That doesn't work for me, but perhaps I could join the list

john berard: Deferring the WhoIs motion does not help solve the problem of staff resource allocation.

Jeff Neuman: John - Absolutely correct

Jeff Neuman: And hopefully by the next meeting we will understand the tradeoffs better with respect to all of the work being requested

Wolf Knoben: Hi all, I'm here!

Kristina Rosette: Here's the language that we had in Singapore on Thick whois: RESOLVED (F), the GNSO Council will consider IRTP Part B Recommendation #3 concerning the request of an Issue Report on the requirement of 'thick' WHOIS for all incumbent gTLDs at its next meeting on 21 July.

Kristina Rosette: So, I'm currently of the view that we've already deferred once

Jamie Wagner: I was disconnected

Kristina Rosette: Thanks , Jeff

Alan Greenberg: There is a GNSO meeting currently scheduloed for Oct 6.

Bill Drake: Not "or two" for me...

Kristina Rosette: really like the webinar idea

Zahid Jamil: maybe there is some work from the STI on GPML that can be re-used here. We could send that work to the GAC for their re-use

Kristina Rosette: GPML? No way. I don't want to go there and don't think anyone else does.

Zahid Jamil: ok

Alan Greenberg: 2nd level is being requested too

Jonathan Robinson: 2nd level, permanent block for key terms as I understand it

Alan Greenberg:and presumably not just identical match, but also name plus other text

Bill Drake: Be still my heart, Jeff!!!

Zahid Jamil: :)

Jonathan Robinson: Primary terms and key, recognised variants I expect

Jonathan Robinson: e.g. olympic, olympics, olympiad

Kristina Rosette: But if we do a group, how and when can it get done? There's no motion here, we don't have another meeting until September.

Jonathan Robinson: OLYMPIC and OLYMPIAD and their primary foreign equivalents as well as PARALYMPIC and PARALYMPIAD are what is desired as fara as I understand it

Alan Greenberg: + 2nd level for 1st round

Zahid Jamil: shouldn't this group be called Consumer Choice,Competition, and Consumer Trust?

Zahid Jamil: Trust and not Innovation - per the AoC

Alan Greenberg: I need to drop off. Thanks all.

Margie Milam: Zahid- the name comes from the original Board resolution

Zahid Jamil: yes the headline but i think we may need clarification on whether we are excluding TRUST from the scope of thie WG or subordinating it somewhat - BC had some concerns - as long as it doesnt - no worries

Margie Milam: Definitely not excluding trust-- and that is part of the charter

Zahid Jamil: thanks!

Bill Drake: Yes to One

Zahid Jamil: open ballot

Zahid Jamil: ?

Jamie Wagner: yes to option 1

Zahid Jamil: AGREED!

Zahid Jamil: end of the transcript

Bill Drake: Stephane: cut and paste

Zahid Jamil: lol!

Wendy Seltzer: Thanks

Zahid Jamil: paste into transcript

Zahid Jamil: good suggestion Wendy!

Wendy Seltzer: Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V :)

Bill Drake: Be sure to think of Council every waking hour in August!!!

Zahid Jamil: Thanks Srephane