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Adobe Connect - Chat Transcript from GNSO Council Meeting Room - 6 October 2011

Last Updated:
10 October 2011

Marika Konings:GNSO Council Meeting - 6 October 2011
Olga Cavalli:Hi is this the last call before Dakar, isnt it?
David Taylor:Hello All. I see that private chat seems to be disabled
as on the last call, is it for everyone or is it just for me....
Bill Drake:No Olga, we're doing another call at 3am your time tomorrow
Olga Cavalli::)
Marika Konings:Hi David, it should be working. I just sent you a
private chat to test.
Olga Cavalli:I guess this is my last GNSO conf call after 4 years
Jeff Neuman:I am told the audio is not yet on
Jeff Neuman 2:i just got kicked out and am back in
Jeff Neuman 2:But I see I am not Jeff Neuman the 2nd
Olga Cavalli:my line is down im calling
Kristina Rosette:apologies for being late. had another all that ended
2 minutes before this one.
Kristina Rosette:that should be call
Berry Cobb:Thank you Stephane! Glad to help out where I can.
Olga Cavalli:im back
Mary Wong:My calls keep dropping, sorry
Carlos Aguirre:Im here, was in mute mode, sorry
Kristina Rosette:apologies in advance for any sirens in the background.
there's a protest in the plaza outside our offices (and, no, they're not
protesting me.)
Mary Wong:Sorry all, will have to step away to fix my phone/sound
Bill Drake:Kristina have you moved to Wall St?
Kristina Rosette:No, but the Occupy Wall Street protest has moved to
DC. Freedom Plaza to be exact.
rafik dammak:@bill americans doing copycat of what happened in MENA :)?
Ching Chiao:Hi everyone -- just got internet connection fixed, and have
dialed in
Mary Wong:I'm still having problems ... will be back on audio/sound as
soon as I can
Jamie Wagner:I lost connection
Kristina Rosette:I'll second.
Mary Wong:Can I vote via this chat channel? I can't dial in, hear
anyone or be heard (using a temp PC b/c my flight back got canceled and
am making do)
Jamie Wagner:I need a dial out, please
Marika Konings:The operator is calling
Jamie Wagner:Back again, thanks
Wendy Seltzer:Jamie: we're at 2. Motion to Address the Remaining
Registration Abuse Policies Working Group Recommendations
Wendy Seltzer:2d resolved
Mary Wong:Sorry for the bother :(
Jamie Wagner:excuse me for the confusion
Bill Drake:Zahid I missed that, could you say it again?
Wendy Seltzer:whack
Kristina Rosette:Jeff, is the RySG taking the position that it will
support only those WG recs that have unanimous support?
Jeff Neuman:No that is not our position, but since we opposed it during
the WG process, we are opposing it here
Jeff Neuman:I think that makes sense, correct
Kristina Rosette:CPH voting as a block. Shocking.
Kristina Rosette:@Jeff: Thanks for the clarification.
Jeff Neuman:As the noncontracted parties :)
Wendy Seltzer:"fax number"?
Jamie Wagner:Would you prefer a facebook page?
Wendy Seltzer:IP address
john berard:What is the definition/who is "law enforcement" as used in
this motion?
Jeff Neuman:Kristina, when you say law enforcement opposes, can you
provide that to us?
Jeff Neuman:Who opposed from law enforcement
Jeff Neuman:@Zahid, I dont think we can defer
Jeff Neuman:Let me take that back
Jeff Neuman:we can defer if the council agrees
Jeff Neuman:but it has been deferred once
Kristina Rosette:I didn't say opposed. I said "didn't support." The
other problem is that RrSG has not actually taken on the LE recs. See,
for example, the difference btwn #2 of themotion and the LEA rec.
Jamie Wagner:Zahid's suggestion is sensible though
john berard:If we move to a vote, I would offer as a friendly amendment
to delete the third WHERAS
Jeff Neuman:@ Kristina - Who from law inforcement did the IPC consult
to get their view that they did not support
Jeff Neuman:this would be helpful to know
Kristina Rosette:@Jeff. We'll need to check with those folks before we
can disclose their names.
Jeff Neuman:Agree with Tim - Just look at the last motion the council
approved for an issue report that was opposed by the CPH, but still passed
Kristina Rosette:excellent point, Bill.
Kristina Rosette:(about telling law enforcement what to do, that is.)
Andrei Kolesnikov:with my bad telef connection I strongly support this
little and important improvement.
Andrei Kolesnikov:I'm oppose to freedom of exp ammedment
Wendy Seltzer:5. The issues report should include a freedom-of-expression impact analysis.
Wendy Seltzer:Thanks Tim and Carlos
Andrei Kolesnikov:why ICANN should care about FOE? In many nations its ok to suppress FOE
Wendy Seltzer:ICANN's constituents care about FOE
Bill Drake:Getting ready for the new President, Andrei? :-)
Andrei Kolesnikov:no, i'm not talking about Russia Bill, and you know
about it.
Bill Drake:Just kidding
rafik dammak:@andrei people died for foe these last months
Andrei Kolesnikov:we have 35000 ppl die of car accidents, should we
include it too?
Carlos Aguirre:is a very sensitive issue to make joke about this
rafik dammak:@andrei you are good in spohism I see :)
Andrei Kolesnikov:this is not joke. ICANN is a technical coordinator of
address space. It's not a transmitter of generic democratic ideas all
over the world. It is dangerous step.
Kristina Rosette:@Alan: I understand that, but let's go out the gate
with something that will have broader support and, in particular,
support from LE.
Carlos Aguirre:@andrei I agree with oyu
Liz Gasster:Wendy and Bill -- is there language that might be more
specific? So we are not trying to assess such a broad topic?
Bill Drake:Just asking for an impact assessment Andrei, it's not like
we're getting up on a soapbox
Debra Hughes:I share Zahid's concern
Andrei Kolesnikov:I think there will be impact if FOE goes into text
Bill Drake:5. The issues report should include a FOE impact anaylis of
the issues raised by the information dlsclosures specified above...
Debra Hughes:what ability will there be to review/expand the scope
Bill Drake:How much more specific you want, Liz?
Jeff Neuman:Nothing prevents council members tomorrow asking for a new
issue report on the additional itesm
Liz Gasster:maybe more related to assessing impact re: discouraging
partic in DNS - rather than trying a 1st Amend Constitut anal?
Alan Greenberg:If there were a 2nd IR, I see no reason that Council
could not start a PDP on that issue and with the agreement of the WG,
fold it into the same PDP WG.
Debra Hughes:trying to say nay
Liz Gasster:just thinking out loud -- how staff could assess? For ex -
if you had the pen how to get our arms around the issues?
Kristina Rosette:@Jeff: True, but we have no idea why the RrSG hasn't
addressed the other LEA recs so there's no point in asking for a new
issues report until we know.
Bill Drake:I think we can address this with you later Liz...?
Liz Gasster:Appreciate help -- requests for Issue Reports in general
can be very broad. Thank you.
Wendy Seltzer:looking to specific groups such as Global Network
>Initiative could be helpful
Liz Gasster:Staff will send out a request for info to help us consider
the relevant aspects, encourage your/other input!
Mary Wong:Just to say that NCUC would also like a deferral
Jonathan Robinson:Sorry for 11th hour request
Kristina Rosette:out of curiousity, have any of you getting travel
support gotten your hotel information yet?
st├ęphane van gelder:Nope
Mary Wong:Except me :( (but thanks to Jeff and Glen for considering the
possibility of starting later)!
Jonathan Robinson:Format is very clear and helpful to view. Thanks
Jeff & Glen
Mary Wong:Is 30 minutes on Sunday enough for the Reserved Names issue?
Kristina Rosette:Good point, Mary.
Jamie Wagner:no hotel information, but I was asked by Senegalese
embassy to inform it
Jamie Wagner:I informed it would be in the same vanues as the meeting
and they accepted
Mary Wong:Thanks, Stephane - I'm having problems with mic/audio out on
my end
Jamie Wagner:venue
Liz Gasster:Topics for Board discussion?
Kristina Rosette:Not that I'm planning to bolt off the stage (on second
thought . ..), but at what point during the Council meeting with the new
Councilors be seated?
Kristina Rosette:That will be short. IPC will only have 6 people there.
st├ęphane van gelder:We run the Open Council meeting as usual. Then end.
Then ask for the new Councillors to be seated for a very short meeting.
Kristina Rosette:got it. thanks.
Wolf Knoben:sorry all, I have to leave now for other business. Thanks
for a good meeting. Save travels to Dakar!
Liz Gasster:Party in Jeff's room!
Jeff Neuman:My room is at the Radisson 20 minutes away
Mary Wong:I wouldn't mind another post-dinner bus ride with Adrian
(given our short ride in Siingapore!)
Kristina Rosette:TripAdvisor has a number of restaurants listed, FWIW.
Jonathan Robinson:I am certainly happy to consider going somewhere
Kristina Rosette:got it. thanks.
Kristina Rosette:I would support a workshop for educational purposes.
john berard:I would support a workshop, too
Carlos Aguirre:me too
Kristina Rosette:4 minutes early. woohoo.
Kristina Rosette:safe travels everyone.
Mary Wong:See you all in Dakar!
Carlos Aguirre:bye bye