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GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda

Last Updated:
28 August 2009

Proposed GNSO Council Agenda Thursday, 13 January, 2005

This agenda was established according to the Rules of Procedure for the GNSO Council

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 19:00

(11:00 LA, 14:00 Washington DC, 19:00 London, 20:00 Brussels, 6:00 am next day 14 January Melbourne)

Bruce Tonkin will be chairing the GNSO Council teleconference.

Scheduled time for meeting - 120 mins.

Dial-in number sent individually to each Council member

Item 0: Approval of Agenda

Item 1: Approve the minutes of :

GNSO Council teleconference 18 November 2004

GNSO Council meeting 3 December 2004

Item 2: Response to GNSO Council external review

(the public comment period is due to complete on 24 January 2005)

Item 3: Update on procedure for use by ICANN in considering requests for consent and related contractual amendments to allow changes in the architecture and operation of a gTLD registry.

Item 4: Update on WHOIS task forces

Item 5: ICANN strategic plan

(comment period 28 Feb 2005)

- Marilyn Cade to present proposal for consultative workshop on 7-8 Feb 2005

- budget for workshop from GNSO Council funds

- ICANN staff to present current plans for outreach

Item 6: Contention for domain names at gtld registries

- motion to initiate an issues report

Draft resolution

Whereas the high demand amongst registrars on behalf of their registrants to register specific domain names that become available for re-registration at the registry has lead to unforeseen strains on the ability of registries and registrars to manage their business efficiently,

Whereas this affects the service level that registrars can provide to their customers and the meaning of ICANN accredited as it applies to registrars,

Council resolves, to request the ICANN staff manager to write an issues report (as specified in annex A to the ICANN by-laws) on the "Problems caused by contention for domain names made available by a gTLD registry ", so that Council can subsequently decide if a policy development process would be appropriate.

Item 7: Transfer of domain name agreements between registrants (secondary market issues)

- see

- seek information from ICANN staff on complaints raised by registrars or registrants, and other Internet users, and determine if appropriate to request an issues report

Item 8: Review of Transfers Policy

- ICANN staff to outline process for review

Item 9: ICANN staff update

- update on appointment of new policy support staff

Item 10: AOB

(11:00 LA, 14:00 New York, 20:00 Paris, 06:00 Melbourne Friday 14 January 2005


Local time between end October and end March, WINTER in the NORTHERN hemisphere


Reference (Coordinated Universal Time) UTC 19:00


California, USA (PST) UTC -8+0DST 11:00

Monterrey, Mexico UTC -6+0DST 13:00

Irving, Texas (CST) UTC -6+0DST 13:00

Washington DC, USA (EST) UTC -5+0DST 14:00

Buenos Aires, Argentina UTC -3+0DST 16:00

Sao Paulo, Brazil UTC -3+1DST 17:00

London, United Kingdom UTC +0+0DST 19:00

Brussels, Belgium (CET) UTC +1+0DST 20:00

Barcelona, Spain (CET) UTC +1+0DST 20:00

Karlsruhe, Germany (CET) UTC +1+0DST 20:00

Stockholm, Sweden (CET) UTC +1+0DST 20:00

Paris, France (CET) UTC +1+0DST 20:00

Melbourne, Australia UTC +10+1DST 06:00 Friday 14 January

Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand UTC +12+1DST 08:00 Friday 14 January


The DST ends/starts on last Sunday of March 2:00 or 3:00 local time (with some exceptions)


For other places see